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Create the Perfect Ambience
Create the perfect ambience with MasterVerb 5 a flexible great sounding and CPU efficient reverb. The rooms sound natural and spacious and the reverb is clearly audible without being muddy. When applied to stereo inputs the stereo soundstage is maintained with proper balance. It contains two different algorithms to generate the dense late reverberation: a hall algorithm and a plate algorithm. Each of these algorithms has independently adjustable size and decay time controls so they can be morphed across a wide range of characteristics. MasterVerb 5 ships with 60 presets. The interface allows you to quickly visualize the changes you are making. A reverb time response lets you see the reverb decay early reflections amplitude envelope and delay settings. A 3-D frequency response plot shows the reverb decay as a function of frequency. There are graphical frequency response controls for both EQ's. A huge amount of effort went into designing the low level algorithms so they could be fully automatable and also extremely CPU efficient.


  • Early reflection section- halls rooms plates chambers echo cathedral nightclub ping-pong
  • Two late reverb algorithms – Hall (for all sizes of rooms) and Plate (for super dense plate reverbs)
  • 3-band EQs for early and late frequency response adjustment
  • Early/late and wet/dry controls
  • Triggered envelope control for special effects such as gated and reverse reverb
  • Graphical character control allows you to quickly adjust size and decay time
  • Time response plot showing delays early
  • 3-D frequency response plot of reverb decay
  • Over 60 presets No latency Fully automatable


  • Mac OS X 10.4 10.5 10.6 or later
  • AU MAS VST RTAS DirectX architecture
  • Supports Intel-based Mac computers
  • Windows 2000 XP Vista or 7
  • VST RTAS DirectX architecture
  • Up to 192 kHz support

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