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Hum & Buzz Removal & Brickwall Filtering
Combining hum removal buzz removal brickwall filtering and spectrum analysis into one easy to use plug-in MR Hum is the perfect tool to clean up recordings with any sort of hum or nasty buzz. The hum removal section works by applying a set of notch filters spaced at multiples of the fundamental hum frequency usually 60 Hz or 50 Hz. You can also select any fundamental frequency continuously from 20 to 200 Hz. The high resolution spectrum display makes it easy to see the hum frequency and the number of harmonics that are required. The spectrum display can run before processing or after processing. The monitor feature allows you to hear the signal being removed. Buzz is a periodic signal with frequency harmonics through the entire audible spectrum which would require hundreds of notch filters to eliminate. The buzz algorithm uses a different approach which is far more efficient. The buzz processor allows any frequency from 20 to 200 Hz. Finally MR Hum also provides brickwall filters to eliminate low or high frequency interference.

  • Hum removal using from 1 to 10 harmonic notch filters
  • Buzz removal
  • Hum and Buzz frequencies continuously adjustable from 20 to 200 Hz
  • Adjustable notch widths
  • Brickwall filtering for rumble and hiss removal
  • High resolution spectrum analysis display pre or post processing
  • All sections can be monitored to hear removed signal
  • No latency
  • Up to 192 kHz sampling rate
  • Mono or stereo