WAVE ARTS MR Noise [Download]

Wave Arts


"FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.?

MR Noise is a broadband noise reduction processor that is great sounding and incredibly easy to use. If your track starts with a bit of silence then MR Noise will work right out of the box since by default MR Noise has the Learn parameter enabled then when you hit play MR Noise will learn the noise profile and start noise reduction. Auto Dynamics mode automatically adjusts the attack and release times of the noise reduction processor based upon the amount of transients in the input signal. This minimizes artifacts in the noise reduction processing. The frequency response display shows the spectrum of the input signal noise floor and output signal so you can see at a glance what frequencies are being reduced. A monitor feature allows you to hear the noise that is being removed (with separate volume control). For most cases you simply have to select a preset and hit play MR Noise will learn the floor and start reduction. Then you can simply adjust the Amount control to set the amount of reduction.
  • Frequency spectrum based noise reduction
  • Low latency (under 20 msec) hence can be used in live situations
  • Fast noise floor learning time (down to 50 msec) hence noise looping is not required
  • Auto dynamics mode keeps transients sharp while avoiding squirrelly artifacts
  • Monitor feature to hear removed noise
  • Comprehensive display shows spectrum of input signal output signal and noise floor
  • Parameters can be edited as function of frequency
  • Latency compensation via compatible hosts
  • Up to 192 kHz sampling rate
  • Mono or stereo