Wave Arts MultiDynamics 5 [Download]





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MultiDynamics is a powerful multi-band dynamics processor useful for mastering track processing sound design and noise reduction. MultiDynamics provides up to 6 bands with independent compression or expansion per band. MultiDynamics has an elegant and ingenious user interface that makes it easy to edit bands and to visualize and hear what is happening.Multi-band dynamics processing combines equalization and single band dynamics processing. A simple application of multi-band dynamics is to apply compression or expansion to a specific frequency range. It is also possible to think of multi-band dynamics as applying equalization which is dependent on the level of the input sound. Another use of multi-band dynamics is noise reduction. One can set up multiple bands to do noise gating. Also multi-band dynamics applied to solo instrument sounds can be used for sound design. It is possible to split up the sound into different frequency ranges apply compression to some and expansion to others and dramatically change the character of the original sound.
  • Up to 6 independent bands
  • Crossover filter network eliminates amplitude distortion between bands
  • Proprietary crossover filter network eliminates amplitude distortion between bands
  • 6 dB/oct 18 dB/oct and 30 dB/oct crossovers
  • Full featured compressor or expander/gate per band
  • Dynamics controls per band: Lo Gain Thresh Hi Gain Ratio Attack Release Knee
  • Per band and All band control editing
  • Clean and vintage dynamics modes
  • Per band Bypass Solo and Mute controls
  • Comprehensive visualization of input levels and dynamic EQ response
  • Adjustable lookahead
  • No latency if lookahead is off
  • Latency compensation via compatible hosts
  • Up to 192 kHz sampling rate
  • Mono or stereo