WaveDNA Liquid Rhythm [Download]



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Intelligent Beat Generation Software
Liquid Rhythm is a drum and percussion synthesizer and rhythm analysis software instrument. Liquid Rhythm includes a 1 GB sample library and has the following features and functions

  • WaveDNA's Music Molecule - A unique new visualization of the traditional MIDI region displaying note events groove and velocity directly on the arrange canvas.
  • Molecule maps - Use rhythmic 'similarity wheels' to discover where a beat is and to create variations on loops by auditioning neighboring beat-elements.
  • Beatweaver Rhythm Synthesizer - Create lists of rhythmic variations you can scroll through and audition at will to build Molecules.
  • In-Line Molecule editing - Draw MIDI events directly onto the arranger canvas or click-and-drag existing notes to make changes.

  • Requirements
  • VST/AU/RTAS Compatible.