XES Aria Disnortion Diode Clipping Overdrive with 3-Band Active EQ Pedal




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FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

Pigtronix-XES-Aria-Tilt This pedal sings! The Pigtronix Aria is smooth and musical. With the Aria pedal Pigtronix takes a unique approach to diode clipping that retains the expressive nature of your music while imparting creamy sustain and enhanced harmonic content. More powerful than a modded Screamer and tastier than an old Muff Pigtronix Aria delivers the goods no matter how you turn the knobs. The Aria’s 3-band active EQ is voiced for maximum versatility and sweetness in all settings. Exceptional as a recording tool and essential in the live rig the Aria’s 12db / octave EQs boost and cut at carefully selected frequencies allowing you to adapt to a variety of amps or to craft entirely new killer tones of your own. Layer the Aria with your amp’s distortion or another gain pedal or a compressor (Philosopher’s Tone) to create soaring tones that ooze pure ROCK inspiration. This pedal will make you write new songs. Do it.