Zapzorn Elements [Download]



"FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.?

1.9GB Glass Metal Plastic Wood Sounds
Out of the gate Elements comes with 40 menus in 5 categories to build your sounds with. Each menu has 24 different sounds to mix and match to make your creations. The categories are Glass Metal Plastic Wood and Hybrid (which has all of the previous 4 mixed together). Each category has 8 different menu patches - Clean Overtone Percussive 4 generic and a Best of patch to give the user endless possibilities of combinations. The menus help make up the more than 160 patches that come ready to use. Also Elements takes those patches and along custom patches to make over 30 multis. The ready to use sounds are tonal playable and useful. You can create music or sound effects percussion or melody driving rhythm and ambient pads. It's all there.

The Main Tab lays the tonal objects out in sets of 24 trigger groups which allows the user to take parts of 24 different sounds and mix them with other sounds to make new unique sounds. Each sound can have independent ADSR HP and LP filtering velocity and key ranges AND volume pan and tuning to expand the versatility of the sound. The groups can also be edited together with all of the above parameters by utilizing the ‘Edit All Groups’ mode.

The Arpeggiator Tab allows you to take those new sounds and apply multiple direction arpeggiator combinations and adjust the velocity pan cutoff and resonance in up to 64 steps manually or randomly utilizing 3 different APR modes. The arpeggiator also allows the user to adjust the repeat rate (1-4) rate (tempo synced or manual) duration and swing. The filter pulldown expands the arpeggiator possibilities with 9 different filter types. You can also chose to fix the velocities by activating the ‘Fixed Vel’ button. Custom configurations can be saved and recalled using the Arpeggiator library.

The Mixer Tab allows the user to fully automate (via MIDI CC#) the Tune Pan and Volume for each of the 24 groups. A solo button is also added in the Mixer Tab to allow for isolation when fine tuning.

The Trigger FX Tab allows the user to add up to 9 FX (distortion lo-fi flanger phaser delay auto pan tremolo filter and chopper) that can be triggered or latched depending on the users preference. Many of the trigger FX parameters and controllable via MIDI CC#’s. All of the trigger FX have 3 adjustable parameters. The delay auto pan and tremolo rates can be timed by either syncing to the sequencer or manually chosen. There is also a convolution reverb in the Trigger FX Tab that has 24 custom IR samples. The reverb allows the user to adjust the reverb amount pre-delay IR size LF and HF cutoff.


  • Multi-layered sound design tool powered by Kontakt
  • ARP Automation
  • 24 Group Automatable Mixer
  • 9 Automatable Trigger Effects
  • Custom Convolution Reverb


  • Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 5 Player (free!)
  • Mac: OS X 10.6 10.7 Intel Core Duo 2 GB RAM
  • PC: Windows 7 2GB RAM