Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder [Download]




FuturePay tabs up to $3,000.

ORANGE VOCODER features a built-in 32-voice synthesizer 8 different vocoder algorithms ranging from analog modelled circuits to far-out digital cross-synthesis modes filter-bank freezing and reverb a 10-band graphic EQ and more...a dream-machine for creating new sounds!
  • Realtime vocoder effects plug-in for the Apple AudioUnits (AU) format.
  • Flexible Carrier/Modulator Routing including side-chain input.
  • Integrated 32-voice virtual analog synthesizer.
  • 8 unique vocoder algorithms.
  • HF Passthrough & Voiced/Unvoiced Detector with noise generator.
  • Filterbank Freeze & Filterbank Reverb.
  • 10-band Graphic EQ with Analyzer.
  • Integrated Hall Reverb.