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If you're still learning the ropes of playing bass, you're usually not just learning to play the instrument itself. If you have an electric bass, you also have to learn how to hook it up to an amplifier to get the full effect of the tone and power.

There are a few types of amplifiers out there, but the main choice you'll have to make is whether to get a head and cabinet or a combo amp. The difference between the two is that the separate head and cabinet setup is two different pieces of equipment, while the combo amp has the same elements, but in one piece of equipment.

Your bass amp cabinet is the part that houses the speaker.

Advantages of Buying Head and Cabinets Over Combo Amps

Whichever type of amp you pick will come down to your own preference, but there are some advantages to getting a separate head and cabinet instead of a combo amp. They include:

  •  Weight: If you frequently take your amp setup from one place to another, a head and cabinet may be the better choice. Combo amps can weigh up to 100 pounds or so, making them a huge pain to tote around. Having the separate pieces in your head and cab setup makes moving your equipment just a little easier by distributing the weight.
  • Power: For most amps, you just can't get the same power and volume from a combo amp that you can get out of your cabinet. If you play rock or metal, the head and cabinet is the way to go. And it's the better setup if you're playing in big venues.
  • Performance: Like we mentioned, a head and cabinet setup is better suited for some genres, especially if you perform live. With some amps, your own playing can get lost with all the other sounds going on. A bass cabinet will help you hear yourself better, even through all that other noise.
  • Style: If you like more subtle tones, then a combo amp is your you. But if your style is more in-your-face, the head and cabinet is the better choice.

 If you can, try testing out both the combo amp and head and cabinet setup, and make sure you use your own instrument! It will help you choose one if you're only getting one amp. If you get an amp head you can also pair it with different cabinets!  For instance, you might use a smaller cabinet at home and utilize a large cabinet on stage.

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