Pro Audio

When you hear "pro audio," it could mean a lot of different things — speakers, recording equipment, DJing. At Bananas at Large®, we have all of that and more in our pro audio department.

When you're using top-quality instruments, you want to get the best quality audio that you can, especially when it's your job. But whether you're a professional in music production or are learning to record and mix your band's own music, having the right equipment is key.

Our pro audio equipment has the quality for professional usage, making it the perfect addition to both your professional and home studio.

Create Great-Sounding Tracks

Whether you're a professional musician or are looking to learn how to record, mix and produce your own music, you may need to set up your own studio. Here are some of the pieces of equipment from our pro audio department that you'll need:

  •  DAW Software: Depending on the software you pick, digital audio workstation software lets you record, mix, edit and master your own music.
  • Microphone: When you're recording music or a sample for a track, you need a high-quality microphone to get the best sound. If you use a low-quality one, it will affect the entire track.
  • Studio Monitors: When you're editing your music, you want to be able to hear everything with a clear, crisp sound. Finding a good set of studio monitors will help you get your music to sound exactly as you want it to.

 With this basic setup, you can later add other equipment and accessories. Whether it's on the recording end or the producing end, music is mostly a listening experience. It makes sense that you would need great audio equipment to create the best sound.

 Blow Your Audience Away

If you play live shows, you know that you need to bring your own equipment. You know how to get the best sound out of your own equipment. We carry a wide selection of equipment to use at your next gig, including:

  •  Mixers: When you have a collection of equipment, keep everything organized with a mixer. You can adjust the levels on everything connected to the mixer to make it easy to get the sound you want.
  • Speakers: You can have a great sound, but you won't be heard without your speakers. Whether you're looking to get a mellow sound or an in-your-face barrage of sound, the right speaker makes all the difference.
  • Cables: You have all the equipment you need for your next live show, but you need a way to connect everything. To make sure everything works, you need some quality cables to connect your guitars, speakers, pedalboards and other electronic equipment.

 Why Shop Bananas at Large®?

We've got everything you need all in one place to get the best pro audio equipment in the industry. We've got the selection and experience to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Browse through our extensive pro audio inventory from anywhere when you go online or visit us at one of our two convenient locations in the San Fransisco area.