DJ & Lighting

While many people think of music as a mainly auditory experience, how it affects our other senses is important too. Whether you're DJing at a wedding or a nightclub, you're probably planning how to use lights and other effects during your set.

If you've already got a great set, you can make it even better with an equally great light show. With an amazing sound and exceptional effects, you're sure to wow your audience with the right stage lighting.

Immerse Your Audience

Music is an auditory experience, but it has evolved to be much more than that. When you go to a concert, whether it's a symphony orchestra or a rock band, there's much more going on than just the music.

If you go to a concert hall for a performance of a classical piece, look around — from the plush seats to the ornamental decorations, everything around you is meant to add to your experience. At the rock show, you'll probably see big projection screens, smoke effects, fireworks and other amazing effects.

While you may not be able to have the same level of effects as a well-known arena rock band, you can still have a similar impact on your audience with stage lighting.

Start out with the basics. Then, you can add other lighting and effects to amp up your show. When you start building up more pieces of equipment into your shows, you will need a lighting controller. With that, you can adjust your lights easily right from your main setup.

After you have the basic lights, you can add strobe lights and practical effects, like bubble or fog machines, to your show. Bubbles and fog would give your light effects more of a 3D feel, giving the audience a completely immersive experience.

Music isn't always just about the music! There are lots of other factors that go into a live performance, your lights and effects being a big one. Give your audience more to talk about at the end of your show by adding stage lighting and other effects to your performance.

Like mixing a new track for your setlist, you can get creative with these effects. Exaggerate important moments in a track with a big change in the lights. Or, before you go on stage, pump up the anticipation with different effects.

Stage lighting lets you get creative and adds another unique part to your live performances.

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