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Premium Fender Showcase Dealer

Since 1974 Bananas At Large® has been a proud Premium Fender Showcase Dealer. We carry the best selection of Fender instruments in Northern California, with options for every musician, at every price point. Whether you're looking for a first instrument that will inspire your love of playing or are an established pro ready to take your rig to the next level, we can help. Read on to learn more about our carefully curated selection of Fender instruments for sale, or stop by either of our two Bay Area locations to try one out in person.

Fender Authorized Dealer

Fender Electric Guitars and Basses

Few names are more synonymous with the electric guitar than Fender. From the iconic Stratocaster and Telecaster to indie faves like the Mustang and Jaguar, the company offers something for every player. The most recent lineup of Fender electric guitars stays true to this legacy while adding modern features to update the brand for a new generation.

The Professional and Performer series offer true Made-in-USA quality for discerning musicians, while the workhorse Player series is proof that an intermediate-level guitar can play as well and sound as good as a boutique instrument. Whichever you choose, you're sure to get a guitar that offers exceptional value and quality. 

Perhaps just as famous as their electric guitar lineup, Fender's basses are world-renowned. If you love the low end, you no doubt know the company's Jazz and Precision models. But it doesn't stop there. The short scale Mustang combines style with a smaller form factor that many players prefer, while the versatile Jaguar offers one of the widest arrays of tones. Explore our catalog by following the links on this page.

Fender Guitar and Bass Amps

A great guitar or bass needs a great amp — and Fender products are no exception. The company manufactures guitar and bass amps in different sizes and configurations and at a variety of price points.

For guitar players, there are classic options like the Hot Rod Deluxe, the Blues Junior and the Custom Twin — all reliable performers that wouldn't be out of place on stage or in the studio. For bassists, the venerable Rumble series is well-known for its excellent value in combo or head form. We've also got a large selection of extension cabinets for when you need extra power.

If you're looking for something to practice on at home, there's no reason you need to sacrifice tone. The Mustang line of guitar amps features built-in effects, USB connectivity and many other great features that make solo practice as enjoyable as jamming with a group.

Fender Acoustic Guitars

Often overlooked in favor of their better-known electric counterparts, Fender acoustic guitars nonetheless embody the company's legacy of quality and innovation. The Newporter and Malibu models feature exceptional craftsmanship using select tonewoods to deliver a balanced, articulate sound. They're perfect for any playing style — try one out today at a Bananas store near you.

Fender Custom Shop Instruments

When you've reached a level in your playing where only the best will do, there's no substitute for a Fender Custom Shop instrument. The Custom Shop is where Fender's master luthiers do their most meticulous, innovative work — incorporating unique features and finishes not found on production models, and handcrafting each instrument with the highest level of attention to detail.

Browse our Fender products below, drop by one of our two Northern California locations or get in touch with us for more information about each model.

Fender Effects Pedals

From passion project to Fender first, comes an original family of effects pedals. Designed from scratch in Southern California and packed with epic tones, these pedals present innovative features and unique twists that bring a new level of inspiration to your pedalboard.

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