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Electric Guitars for Sale

An electric guitar makes a statement. Whether you're performing live or just playing at home for fun, nothing beats the raw sound that's produced from a high-quality setup. If you don't have good equipment, you won't get the best sound, even if you have a great guitar. Finding not only the right guitar but also the right equipment and other accessories is the key to having the best experience with an electric guitar.

Buying an Electric Guitar at Bananas at Large®

When you visit one of our two convenient locations in San Rafael and Santa Rosa, you'll find a wide selection and a knowledgeable and helpful staff. We don't just want to sell you a guitar — we care about helping you find the right one. Bananas carries electric guitars from a number of the highest-quality brands, like Fender and Gibson. You'll find electric guitars that will match your personal style, whether it be classic or vintage. Our electric guitar selection is unrivaled — we have guitars with all kinds of body shapes and colors. You're sure to find something you will fall in love with. Our guitars fit into a wide number of budgets, too. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get a great electric guitar. Along with our collection of new electric guitars for sale in the San Francisco area, you'll also find a variety of pre-owned electric guitars. Many of our pre-owned electric guitars are vintage, unique instruments. If you're looking for something different that will make you stand out, our section is well worth a look. When you own an electric guitar, you know it's not just about the guitar. You need other equipment and accessories to get the best sound.

Electric Guitar Accessories

It is possible to play an electric guitar on its own, but that's not why you bought it. You would have just bought an acoustic guitar. Here are the equipment and accessories you'll need to get the most out of your electric guitar:

  • Amplifier
  • Audio cable
  • Guitar pick
  • Guitar strap

Your amplifier will, of course, be the main piece that projects your sound. The audio cable simply connects your guitar to the amp. The pick will make playing much easier on your fingers. Your strap will let you play standing up — because honestly, how many electric guitars players do you see play sitting down? Besides these essential pieces, you could get even more out of your electric guitar with an effects pedal. With this piece of equipment, you can distort and shape the sound coming out of the amp while you're playing. When you're shopping for a guitar, no matter what type it is, it's always best to feel it out in person. When you shop with Bananas at Large®, you get the extra bonus of talking with seasoned veterans with years of playing experience. We'll answer any questions and give you the best recommendations to help you find the right guitar for your personal needs and playing lifestyle.