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One of the world's best-known manufacturers of guitar and bass accessories, the D'Addario name is respected and trusted by musicians in all genres. From strings to tuners — and everything in between — the company carries a wide range of products offering made-in-the-USA quality at a price point that's accessible to all musicians.

Bananas at Large® is proud to carry D'Addario strings and other products. Shop online or in person at one of our two Bay Area locations.

D'Addario XT Strings

D'Addario XT strings combine high carbon steel cores with an advanced corrosion resistance treatment, giving you enhanced break resistance, pitch stability, and long-lasting performance––all while preserving the tone and feel of your favorite uncoated strings. These are strings made to stay, with uncompromising performance that never fades away.

D'Addario Tuners

Just as important as the right set of strings is the right tuner. Arguably the most useful pedal you can buy, a D'Addario tuner puts perfect intonation within reach at all times, whether you're on stage, in the studio or rehearsing at home.

The D'Addario pedal tuner offers fast and accurate pitch detection, stable tracking and true-bypass wiring that fits seamlessly into your effects chain. A 32-bit processor and full-color display make it easy to get an accurate reading, even in low-light situations. A rugged aluminum enclosure ensures that it will stand up to the rigors of the road, while its small form factor makes it easy to transport and makes sure it won't take up valuable space on your board.

An essential addition to any musician's toolkit, the D'Addario chromatic pedal tuner works equally well on electric and acoustic guitar and bass as well as any other stringed instrument.

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As a longstanding D'Addario dealer, Bananas is your source in the Bay Area for the company's newest innovations and longstanding bestsellers. We have a wide range of D'Addario strings and pedals for sale in our Santa Rosa and San Rafael stores. You can also shop our online inventory and get your purchase delivered straight to your door.

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