Guitar Restring, Setup & Repair

We're here to help! Our repairs are performed by Certified Stringed Instrument Service Specialists. We do stringed Instrument Restorations, Setups, Custom Modifications & More‎. 

Hugo Mermet is a French guitar maker, Master Builder and Instrument Repair specialist based in San Rafael, California. After more than 15 years on stage as a musician and as a Master Builder and owner of Mermet Guitars in France, Hugo made the move to the Bay Area to open the next chapter of his career.

Hugo's experience as a maker gives him a deep understanding of the instrument, enhancing his ability to diagnose and suggest smart upgrades for your instrument. He is able to assess the instrument and assist the player with planning out custom modifications, upgrades, and improvements for any experience level or need. 

Repair drop offs are accepted Monday through Saturday, but you can meet and talk shop with Hugo every Tuesday and Thursday at the San Rafael location. Please call, text 415-457-7600 or email ahead for an appointment.

Phone: (415) 457-7600 x 102

Guitar Repair

Warranty Assessment & Repair

Assessment Fee: $45* paid in full at time of drop off *Free for instruments purchased at Bananas at Large

We are pleased to assist in the warranty assessment and/or repair of your instrument. Please remember that the warranty coverage is limited to the specific part that needs to be repaired or replaced. Additional items or labor that are not covered under the warranty include (but are not limited to): strings or other products and labor involved with the repair of the instrument. Any additional labor such as restringing or setup of the instrument are NOT included in the warranty coverage.

Warranty Assessment & Repair

Warranty Repairs Cover:

Part or product being replaced.

Only labor to replace defective part or product.

The companies we currently do warranty work for: Taylor, Fender, Ibanez, Martin.

Warranty Repairs do NOT cover:

Assessment Time


Restring labor


Bridge adjustments

Any other products or labor being provided

Restring, Setups, Repairs & More!

Minimum Bench Fee: $50

*Prices may vary on a case-by-case basis. Does not include cost of necessary parts, strings, or other accessories requested. 

Instrument Restrings*

Costs do not include chosen strings

Basic: $40  

6-string Electric or Acoustic Guitars, 4-string Bass, Ukulele

Intermediate: $50

12-string Electric or Acoustic Guitars, 6-string Classical Guitars, Mandolin & Banjo

Advanced: $60

Floyd Rose Tremolo & Specialty Instruments

Instrument Setups*

Includes a general assessment of the instrument, fretboard cleaning and hydrating, buffing frets, tightening tuners and oiling hardware, string installation, truss rod adjustment, intonation, cleaning electronics, pickup height adjustment (if necessary), detailing and cleaning. 

Basic: $100

Hard Tail, Les Paul, Telecasters, Non-vintage Strats, basic 4-string Bass, Ukulele, Acoustic Guitars and Resonators

Intermediate: $125+

Vintage Strats, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Bigsby, Classical, 7-string Electric, 5 & 6-String Bass, Mandolin, Archtop Guitars

Advanced: $150+

Floyd Rose, 12-String Guitars, Specialty Instruments 

Looking for extra low, buzz-free action? Add a fret-levelling service to your setup for $130! We can sand down your frets, levelling them together and re-crowning their tops, ensuring low action with no buzz.

Other Services & Customizations Available - Request a Quote Today!

Costs vary depending on the instrument labor needed & specific parts needed or requested. Call, text,  Or email to get a consultation on your instrument’s needs. 

Nut and/or Saddle Replacement

Bone nuts, composite nuts, Graphite nuts, and replacement saddles for various instruments

Maintenance Services

Truss Rod Adjustments or Intonation

Neck Set & Setup

Strap Button or Strap Lock Installation

Fretboard Restoration

Repairing Nuts or Saddles

Installation Services

Acoustic Bridge Install

Tuner Installation or Replacement

Pickguard Installation

Electronics Services

Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation

Replacement Electric Guitar Installation

Complete or Partial Rewiring of Electric Guitars

Pot Replacement or Resolder

Switch Replacement or Resolder

Jack Replacement and/or Resolder

Advanced Repairs

Need a more advanced repair? Hugo offers repairs for broken headstocks, bridge lifts, full re-frets, solid body routing, modifications, customizations, and so much more! Contact him today!


Tell us a little about what's going on and we'll help you get the repair you need.

The companies we currently do warranty work for: Taylor, Fender, Ibanez, Martin.