PA Systems & Speakers

For better sound reinforcement during live shows or to help with your sound mixing, PA speakers will be a great addition to your audio setup. An unpowered speaker is great if you already have a powered amp, where a powered amp is great if you want a more portable product that includes a mixer and power amp.

Our selection of PA speakers is a part of our pro audio department — you'll find professional-grade equipment that you can use for a long time.

Tips for Getting the Right PA Speakers

Whether you're still learning the ropes of audio setup or are a seasoned pro, it's important to find the right equipment that best fits your or your band's needs. What may be a great setup to one person won't work at all for another.

To help you find the best PA speakers for you, here are some things to take into account:

  •  Powered vs. unpowered: The two main types of PA speakers are powered and unpowered. Powered PA speakers have both the amplifier and the speakers built into the same piece of equipment. If you typically use the same settings in your sound setup, powered PA speakers are the best choice. But if you like more versatility and room to adjust things around, unpowered PA speakers will fit your style better.
  • Power: If you're using powered PA speakers, you don't need to worry about connecting your amplifier to the speaker. Reasons to buy speakers: front-of-house sound, monitors, simple amplification, and more.
  • Subwoofer: To get the full range of your sound, you should add a subwoofer to your setup. You'll get those mellow, lower tones that you just can't get without a subwoofer.

 How you buy and set up PA speakers will come down to your personal preference. Look at your current setup and see how PA speakers could make it even better. When you're shopping, you can pick up a few PA speakers or buy a portable PA system. The choice is yours.

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