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Finding a great local music store is like finding a second home. Whether you need to pick up a new set of strings for your guitar or you just want to walk through the aisles of all the shiny new instruments, Bananas at Large® San Rafael is the place to be.

Our philosophy is to get back the community feeling of music stores of the past — your local music store should be a place to connect with other musicians and to get great advice from the people who know what they're doing.

But, you should also expect this music store to keep up with industry trends. The music industry has seen some of the biggest changes in any industry over the past decade. At Bananas at Large®, you'll find top-quality products from all of the best brands that utilize new industry standards and technologies.

Whatever you're looking for, you can find it at our San Rafael store.

Everything You Need in One Location

Whether you're looking for a new instrument, a piece of equipment or accessory, you can find it in our extensive inventory. No matter your skill level or age, we will work with you to help you find everything you may want or need. Thinking about learning a new instrument? Look through these options: 

Do you do a lot of live performances? You need the best gear to get the best sound for your audience. A lousy sound will affect the crowd's energy, especially if you play in a genre that demands a loud, in-your-face volume. Can you imagine a rock show where the band's amplifiers and speakers can't let the sound be heard over everything else going on? Of course not.

Here are some products we offer for your next live gig:

And if you have a professional studio or want to set up a simple home studio, we've got all the pro audio equipment you need to record, mix, edit and master some great tracks. Look through our inventory to pick up the basics or get something new to give your recording something extra, such as: 

We also carry a variety of accessories, like guitar strings, cases and more. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it at Bananas at Large® San Rafael.

Shop Pre-Owned in San Rafael

Along with our selection of brand-new products, you'll also find a selection of pre-owned instruments and equipment. You'll find some great options that could help save you money. You may also find a hidden gem — something a little older but still in great shape that's no longer in production.

You'll find guitars, basses, drumsets, amps and effects pedals in our pre-owned selection. Our team can help you look through these items to see if something is the right fit for you.

If you're in the North Bay Area of San Francisco, be sure to stop by our Bananas San Rafael store or visit us online for your perfect instrument. 

Protection Plans

Whether you're buying used or new, get peace of mind with a protection plan from Bananas. We've partnered with Clyde to offer optional long-term coverage for everything we sell. For a small additional fee, you'll enjoy comprehensive protection against power surges, mechanical or electrical issues, heat, dust and humidity damage, and more. Coverage is transferable if you ever sell your instrument, there are no hidden fees and filing a claim is easy, with phone support available around the clock.

Learn more about the benefits by contacting one of our representatives today.

Instrument Repairs and Upgrades

When service is necessary, trust our team. From setups to major restoration projects, Bananas is your source in the Bay Area for guitar and instrument repairs. We believe that part of being your community music store means delivering service you can trust. Our expert luthiers can provide guitar maintenance, repairs and upgrades, whether you bought your instrument from us originally or not.

Our San Rafael repair shop offers affordable rates and low bench fees, meticulous work and transparent communication throughout the process. We know how important our customers' instruments are and go out of our way to treat them with the same care we would our own. Whether it's a rare vintage guitar or something with more sentimental than financial value, we'll get any job done to the highest standard of quality.

Visit our Guitar Repair page to request a quote online, or bring your instrument down to our San Rafel location for in-person assistance.