Guitar Amp Cabinets

When you have an electric guitar, you need an amplifier to get its full power. When you were shopping for your new amplifier, you had to choose between either a combo amp or a head and cabinet setup.

Since you're here, you probably chose (or are still considering) the head and cabinet. This setup has all the same components of a combo amp but in two separate pieces of equipment. The head component is where you will adjust the settings of the amp, and the cabinet contains the speaker.

Since the cabinet is just the speaker by itself, you can use it to customize your sound. There are different types of guitar amp cabinets, making choosing the perfect one an important part of creating your best sound.

Picking the Right Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

The cabinet you choose will come down to personal preference. But here are the things to take into account that will help you pick the right guitar amp cabinet for you: 

  • Closed back vs. open back: These are the two main types of amp cabinets. In closed back amps, the sound will only come out of one side of the cabinet and provides a tighter sound. For open back amps, you get the sound coming out of both the back and front of the cabinet and provides a louder sound. The different types of amp cabinet can create unique effects and will emphasize different sounds over others.
  • Size: You can get the cabinet's speaker in a few different sizes. Bigger sizes will emphasize lower tones while smaller sizes will emphasize the higher tones. The instrument and style of music you play can help you decide what size speaker you need.
  • Frequency: Your guitar's frequency is covered by most speakers. The frequency and size of the speaker are tied. Even though the full range will be covered by most cabinets, if you go on either extreme when it comes to size (very big or very small), you may lose a bit when it comes to range. For example, a large speaker will get a lot of deep tones but may not be able to catch all the higher tones that your guitar can make. 

When you think about these factors before you start shopping, you'll have a better idea of what you need. Instead of going in blind, you can find the perfect guitar amp cabinet. 

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