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Used Drums

Every set of drums is unique but they usually all include several types of drums: snare, bass and tom-toms — and cymbals, too.

Since you're using a lot more equipment, drum kits can be more expensive than other instruments. One way to still get a great set of drums and save a little money is to shop pre-owned.

If you're looking for a new drum kit, it doesn't have to be factory-new — it can be new to you. Browse through the Bananas at Large used drums inventory to find a great deal on a great instrument.

Used Drum Sets

Every drummer's setup will be a little different, whether it's with the equipment they're using or how they physically set up their equipment. But, even with so much of a variety, there are some standard pieces you'll have in your setup. When you're shopping for a used drum set, make sure you have all the stands and other hardware that you need. For the drums and cymbals to sound their best, they need to be set up properly. The right hardware and stands allow the instruments to sound how they're supposed to. When you don't set up your drums and cymbals correctly, it can dampen, or muffle, the sound. The wrong setup can also damage your set.

When you buy a used drum set, there's a good chance you'll be getting all these pieces for a lower price than if you bought one brand-new. Even if you find a used set that doesn't have all of these pieces, you can always find an addition to the set later on.

While you're shopping for used drums in San Rafael or Santa Rosa near San Francisco, be sure to check out our selection at Bananas at Large.

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