Bananas will sell your used gear!

Did you know that Bananas will sell your used gear? Want to sell your gear but don't have the time or want to deal with selling it yourself? Bananas can help! Bananas will consign your used gear and in some cases will buy it from you.

The San Rafael and Santa Rosa locations both have product experts that will assess and price your gear at fair market value. Let our expert sales staff go to work for you!

For more information, please send an email to: or fill out the form below.

*Please include your name, contact info and the items you wish to sell.

All consignments will have a duration of 90 days. If the item has not sold within 60 days, the price will be marked down by 30% and the consigned payment will be lowered by 30%. If the item has not sold within 90 days, the item must be picked up by the consigner unless other arrangements are made in writing through Bananas Management. The Purchaser of the item may return a consignment purchase to Bananas for up to 48 hours. Payment will be made to the consigner listed on the contract 30 days after the item sale date. Consigned items will be listed for sale in store, online at as well as several 3rd Party Platform sites. Your listing may also include custom photography and product description. All for no extra charge!

Consignment Split for Check payment: 70% to Consigner 30% to Bananas Consignment Split for Store Credit: 75% to Consigner 25% to Bananas

Consignment Cancellation: If consigner takes back the product within 90 days, there will be a 5% fee assessed to cover administration, marketing and business expenses. Any items left over 180 days with no documented communication will be considered to be abandoned and become the property of Bananas At Large. All items must be in working condition. Bananas will not warranty or provide tech support for consigned goods. Bananas cannot necessarily call to negotiate pricing, so determine your lowest selling price to achieve the fastest sale of your item(s). You are responsible for updating phone and address information if your contact information changes.

All Consignments will be handled, demonstrated, and moved about to allow customers access to try and buy your instruments. Bananas will strive to maintain the instrument in pristine condition but you understand and accept nominal wear may occur. If you require your instrument be "Hands Free" let us know.

In an effort to sell your instrument, if a serious buyer requests, we will transfer your instrument to our other store for that customer to evaluate and hopefully purchase the instrument. 

Consignment is a partnership agreement for selling your inventory. You are still the owner of your inventory, please check in with Bananas for updates regularly. We will make every attempt to contact you with questions and upon selling but it is still your responsibility to monitor your inventory.