Left-Handed Guitars

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As a lefty, you have to deal with several everyday items designed with a right-handed person in mind. Scissors, school desks and more can be a nuisance — unless you're lucky enough to have a left-handed version. When you're shopping for a new instrument, you shouldn't have to worry about facing the same frustration.

Finding a left-handed guitar won't be a hassle when you shop with Bananas at Large®.

Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic guitar is a great multi-purpose instrument. It can be used for a variety of different genres and skill levels. If you're starting out learning how to play, an acoustic guitar is a great pick. Even if you've been playing electric for years, an acoustic guitar is a great instrument to have.

The biggest perk of an acoustic is that you don't have as much other equipment as with an electric guitar, like cords, pedals and a massive amplifier. As long as you have your guitar, you can play at any time from anywhere.

Left-Handed Electric Guitars

In many ways, nothing beats the raw sound of an electric guitar coming through your amplifier. The tone, sound, and feel of a guitar through a great tube amp is hard to beat! Even though you need more equipment and a longer set up, it's worth it. At the first strum of a chord that comes through the amp, you'll feel the power and exhilaration.

If you're a performing artist, an electric guitar makes a statement. You know you'll be heard when you use one. Grab the attention of a crowd and keep it with the electric guitar's distinct sound.

Left-Handed Acoustic-Electric Guitars

If you love the versatility of an acoustic guitar and the power of an electric guitar, get the best of both worlds with an acoustic-electric guitar. You'll enjoy the perks of both types of instruments all in one. Enjoy the simplicity of an acoustic sound, then plug it into your amplifier to project that sound far.

Left-Handed Bass

An electric bass offers its own unique build and sound from that of an electric guitar. If you're thinking of buying a bass, you're probably either a part of a band, play music at home or may even be a music producer. The bass adds complexity and layers to music with its deeper tones. Your left-handed bass will help add a more robust musical sound to all your projects.

Why Shop With Bananas at Large®?

We've been in business since 1974, gaining the experience and skills to help every one of our customers find exactly what they need. Our goal is to bring back the community aspect from music stores of the past while also adapting along with the ever-changing music industry.

Our team of professional musicians have decades of combined experience and are ready to share their wisdom. They will help you pick out the instruments, other equipment and accessories that you need.

Bananas at Large® has two convenient locations in Northern California — one in San Rafael and the other in Santa Rosa. You can also browse our extensive inventory online from anywhere. If you have any questions about our left-handed guitars, please contact us today for more information.