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If you're thinking about buying a new electric bass guitar, you need to make sure you pick the right one. When you shop with Bananas at Large®, you'll find a great selection of electric basses, as well as a knowledgeable team that won't be satisfied until you find the instrument you love.

A Wide Selection to Give You Lots of Options

We have a great selection of electric bass guitars, making it more likely that you'll find the right one right away. You won't have to drive to more than one store to find the instrument that you'll love. 

We've got many different styles, colors and brands to choose from. All of our instruments are made from top-quality manufacturers you know and trust — like Fender, Yamaha and more. No matter what your budget is, we can find you a great bass that fits your unique style of playing and musical needs. No matter if you are looking to buy a new bass or a great condition pre-owned or used bass, we offer purchase options including low-interest financing to give you the most flexibility in your purchase.

We carry both four-string and five-string basses. The four-string bass is the classic electric bass — basses with more than four strings weren't popular until the 1980s. Either the four-string or the five-string bass is a great pick, but the five-string bass will give you a broader range.

Even if you're a leftie, we carry a selection of left-handed electric bass guitars. We also carry both new and pre-owned instruments.

After you've selected your electric bass, you'll need some other tools to get the most out of it. A few electric bass accessories you'll need include an amp, cables, a guitar strap and extra strings. We have all that and more at Bananas.

Picking the Right Electric Bass

Several factors could affect the type of bass you should choose. "Bass guitar" is a pretty broad term that includes many different styles. Here are some things to consider while you're shopping for your new bass:

  •  Body Type: Every bass is built a little differently. The bodies of the instruments will vary by the length of the neck, the number of frets, the material of the body and more. Learn as much as you can about the making of an electric bass before you start shopping.
  • Number of Strings: If you're a first-time buyer, a four-string bass is the best pick. If you have more experience, you may want to go for that five-string.
  • Budget: Decide ahead of time the maximum amount of money you want to spend. Don't forget to factor in the other things you may need too, like an amp, cables, guitar strap and extra strings. You would hate to fall in love with a bass only to realize it's too expensive.

 These aren't the only things to consider when buying a new electric bass — especially if you're buying one for the first time, Bananas at Large® is ready to help you find the perfect instrument for you.

We have the experience and dedication to help you find exactly what you want and need. Count on us as a one-stop shop for your new electric bass guitar and accessories.