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Bananas at Large® carries guitar effects pedals every guitar player must have. From major brands we all love to local boutique builders.
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Now that you're getting more comfortable and confident with your electric guitar or bass, you may be thinking about experimenting more with the sound. You can make a few adjustments with your amp to change the music, but other equipment can give you even more creativity.

Effects pedals help give your electric guitar and bass a different type of sound that you can't achieve without them. Several kinds of effects are out there, each with its own pedal.

Bananas at Large® has a wide selection of new guitar pedals for sale. Whatever type of sound you want to create, you can get it with a piece of equipment from Bananas.

Create Unique Sounds With Effects Pedals

An effects pedal will give you a unique sound you create with just your guitar and your amplifier. Lots of musicians use several different effects pedals, which they set up in a pedalboard. A pedalboard is a piece of equipment for you to attach all of your effects pedals to have them all in the same place.

Each effect pedal will give your guitar a unique sound as it's coming out of the amp. Effects pedals can amplify the music more, give it a cleaner tone and more. In general, effects pedals give musicians more creative freedom. Whether you're writing original songs or want to put a twist on a classic hit, you can do it with effects pedals.

Types of Effects Pedals

Different types of pedals will all do different things to your sound. You may only need a few different pedals, or you may need a lot. What's important is that the way you choose to use them allows you to create a unique sound that's entirely your own.

At Bananas at Large®, we carry many different types of guitar effects pedals. Some of the types of pedals in our inventory include: 

  • Overdrive Pedal: Your overdrive pedal will take the clean sound of the guitar and distort it a little bit, giving it a grittier tone. However, the overdrive pedal will not change the sound too much or let it become muddy.
  • Boost Pedal: This is the most straightforward effects pedal out there. It will do precisely what its name implies — boost the signal between your guitar and the amp. This increases your gain and the overall volume of your amp.
  • Distortion Pedal: A distortion pedal will create a similar effect as the overdrive pedal, but exaggerated. This pedal will completely distort the notes or chords you're playing, giving them a unique sound.
  • Chorus Pedal: The chorus pedal gives your music an effect that makes it sound almost like a choir or orchestra. It adds layers of timbre and pitch to give it a more robust sound.

Bananas at Large® carries these four basic types of effects pedals and more.

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