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Finely crafted guitars and basses created by artists, for the artist. The Fender Custom Shop handcrafts unique and beautiful custom built guitars that can be made to order. Bananas at Large® is proud to be the exclusive Northern California Fender Custom Shop Showcase dealer.

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Custom-Built vs. Masterbuilt

The Fender Custom Shop produces two types of instruments — Custom-Built and Masterbuilt. Here's what each offer:

  • Custom-Built: These guitars and basses take as their building blocks the company's most iconic designs — the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass, among others — and allow you to personalize the build to your exact needs. Custom-Built guitars offer a wider range of choices and features than production Fender instruments while delivering the highest level of quality control.
  • Masterbuilt: These guitars and basses are truly unique creations. Working closely with Fender's best luthiers, you can be sure every aspect of the final build will reflect your specifications. There's no better way to create your dream guitar from the ground up. 

Fender's Master Builders

Every Fender Custom Shop guitar or bass shows the touch of its builder. While Fender's employees produce hundreds of instruments every day, only a select few luthiers join the Custom Shop team as Master Builders. Fender Master Builders have created instruments for some of the most renowned musicians on the planet. Working in the highly creative and collaborative environment of the Custom Shop, they have the time and resources to dedicate themselves to each instrument.

When you buy a Custom Shop guitar, you're getting a work of art — one that's the product of passion, expertise and exceptional commitment to the craft of instrument making.

Why Buy a Custom Shop Instrument?

There's no question that a Fender Custom Shop product is a significant investment. While we believe that even an entry-level instrument can be a joy to play, there will always be musicians who want the best of the best. Choose a Fender Custom Shop guitar or bass if:

  • You want an instrument that's immaculate in every regard: Fender Custom Shop guitars and basses are handbuilt by master luthiers who go over each piece in minute detail. When you buy a Custom Shop guitar, you're getting an instrument that plays, sounds and feels perfect in all aspects, from the fretwork to the finish and everything in between.
  • You want an instrument with features you can't find anywhere else: The Custom Shop is the only place to get a genuine Fender guitar or bass built to your exact specifications. Choose from dozens of body shapes, neck profiles, pickup combinations, frets and finishes for an almost unlimited number of possibilities — or create something entirely unique from the ground up.
  • You want to invest in a "lifetime" guitar: Every Custom Shop guitar or bass, regardless of its feature set, is an instrument to be treasured. If you love music and are looking for a guitar or bass that will provide a lifetime of playing enjoyment, the choice is clear — no other instrument compares to a custom-built Fender.

See the difference for yourself by visiting either of the two Bananas locations and trying out a Custom Shop guitar or bass in person. You can find us in Santa Rosa and San Rafael, or browse our current inventory of Fender Custom Shop guitars for sale below.