In-Ear Monitors for Guitarists

In-Ear Monitors For Guitarists In Santa Rosa And San RafaelWhatever situation you're playing in, you can't do your best unless you can hear yourself properly. Unless you're by yourself in a soundproofed room, you probably have a lot of other sounds going on. Whether you're in rehearsal, recording in the studio or playing a gig, a set of in-ear monitors will help you perform better.

Ultimate Ears, available at Bananas at Large, has many different models available designed specifically for various musicians, including guitarists. The UE 7 Pro is an excellent fit for guitar players because it adds clarity to a range of tones. You'll be able to hear what you and your bandmates are playing, no matter how much extra noise is around you.

Ultimate Ears are custom-fit. Other in-ear monitors don't have that degree of customization because they aren't made just for you. With your unique set of in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears, you'll see a real difference in your playing.

Using In-Ear Monitors to Record

While you're in the studio, you want to create the best sound possible. Whether you're recording a new single or a full album, a set of in-ear monitors will help you make something great — and in fewer takes. When you're paying for your time in the studio, you want to make every moment count. Ultimate Ears will help make that happen.

Using the UE 7 Pro gives you the clarity to adjust your playing so you know how to make your playing sound the best that it can. This gives you an unmatched advantage while you're in the studio. If you have to wait until after you've finished a recording to listen to it, you may need to spend more time in the studio to get the best take. With your in-ear monitors, you'll have the best experience possible, and make some fantastic music.

Using In-Ear Monitors to Perform

When you're in the studio, your in-ear monitors let you hear, in-time, exactly how you sound. But, when you're performing live, they have even more uses.

Without in-ear monitors, you need to rely on speakers arranged on the stage to hear what you're playing. Those speakers can get in the way, limit your stage space and affect how and when you actually hear your sound. Since you need to stay near the speakers to listen as best as you can, it limits your movements if you want to dance or walk around the stage. When you're using in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears, you avoid all those issues! The best part is the scan, which is $150 value, is FREE with your Ultimate Ear Purchase!

Whether you're performing at an outdoor concert with your band or performing solo in a small, indoor venue, there's always a lot more going on than just your music. These other sounds and actions — like lighting effects, noise from the crowd and different ambient sounds — can affect your playing. But with in-ear monitors, those other distractions don't impact your performance as much. With fewer distractions, you can give your audience an even more amazing show.

Browse through our full inventory of in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears to find the perfect pair today.