10 Pedals That Get You Out of the Box

Whether you're feeling like you're stuck in a rut or looking for ways to get more unique sounds out of your electric guitar, a new effects pedal may be just the thing. Below, you'll find some pedals that push the boundaries of typical guitar effects pedals. Incorporating any of these pedals into your pedalboard will force you to get your playing way out of the box.

1. Van Weelden Royal Overdrive

Van Weelden Royal Overdrive pedals are dynamic, well-balanced and powerful, allowing the notes to explode off your pick with a tube-like sound. The Royal Overdrive provides a quiet performance with its flexible wide range and internally isolated DC input power circuit. As the most amp-versatile pedal, The Royal Overdrive can be used on any amp — including solid state amps.

Additionally, this pedal offers excellent hi headroom dynamics and a low-end, tight and powerful crunch. Bananas At Large® is proud to be the only USA dealer and distributor of the Van Weelden Royal Overdrive Pedal.

2. Pigtronix Bob Weir's Real Deal Acoustic Preamp Pedal

Providing a super loud, extremely clear acoustic guitar tone while sustaining the natural wooden sound of the instrument, Bob Weir's Real Deal acoustic preamp pedal provides an unmatched world-class guitar tone. This pedal offers an adjustable cutoff point of both filters with one knob — achieving the high headroom and ultra-low noise.

3. Hologram Electronics Dream Sequence Programmable Rhythm and Octave 

Built around a pattern-based rhythmic Sequencer, which allows for pitch shifting up or down one octave, the Dream Sequence creates easily customized, unique patterns and presets. It also features tap tempo, analog dry path and rhythmic gate — with dynamic ADSR morphing — and is digitally controlled with analog drive and tone.

4. Beetronics FX OctaHive Super High Gain Octave Fuzz

With a clear-cut high pitch octave, the OctaHive is a high gain fuzz. You can achieve a large tonal range by turning on or off the side toggle switch — providing more versatility and chord friendliness.

5. Neunaber Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus Chorus Pedal

The Inspire allows you to produce those difficult-to-reach chorus tones by securing eight impressive stereo chorus effects. The Neunaber Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus Chorus Pedal offers a variety of features, including a freshly designed circuitry offering more headroom while sustaining low noise. Other features include controls for effect select, depth and mix — true bypass and inputs and outputs for mono or stereo.

6. Hungry Robot Moby Dick Vintage Inspired Tap Tempo Delay

A tap tempo delay, The Moby Dick offers a simplistic delay that provides only the essentials — no menus, hidden features or gimmicks. With a tone falling between a tape delay and an analog delay, the natural warmth of vintage analog delay comes together with the addition of "chime" and somewhat lo-fi imperfections. The Moby Dick provides a vintage tone but still includes all the modern features you're looking for.

7. Deep Trip Muffasaur Fuzz Pedal

Fine balance and ideal wave symmetry are modded in the core circuit of the Deep Trip Muffasaur Fuzz Pedal, allowing you to have ultimate dynamic control over the tone by just altering your pick attack. Additionally, you can incorporate high mid-range frequencies as needed — producing varying, mid boosted fuzz/drive tones.

8. CopperSound Broadway Germanium Preamp With Pickup Selecting Emulation Pedal

Featuring a three-way tone selector switch — employing the PNP Germanium transistor, the Tropical Fish and Silver Mica capacitors — the Broadway is a germanium-based preamp.

9. Alexander Syntax Error Pedal

A small but strong pedal, the Neo Series is comprised of an advanced 32-bit micro-controller that allows for MIDI capability, expression and presets. The Alexander also provides access to up to four different preset tones, offering brilliant performance technology.

10. Meris Polymoon Delay

The Meris Polymoon Delay pedal features immense multi LFO modulation controls, six custom-tuned LFOs with adaptable waveforms, 1200mS selective multi-tap delay line, exclusive feedback topology and so much more!

If you're looking for unique effects pedals like these and other guitar equipment and accessories, you'll be happy to know that we've got anything that you could need. For a great selection and a knowledgeable staff, visit us online or in-store.

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