Mesa/Boogie Custom Mark Five:35

Mesa/Boogie Custom Mark Five:35

Check out this Mesa/Boogie Custom Mark Five:35 Combo with British Tan Tolex, Tan Jute Grill, and Brown Corners! 

Following a 35 year tradition of 4xEL84 based power with successful models such as the Caliber™, Maverick™, Nomad™ and Lone Star®, Mesa Boogie is proud to add the legendary and first-ever MARK preamp to the 9-Pin power lineup and introduce the MARK FIVE: 35™. This light-middleweight is an upgraded rendering of the Mesa Boogie recent smash hit, the mini-platform MARK FIVE: 25™ and like it, the new 35 boxes far above its class.

To further bolster the new MARK FIVE: 35's stage-ready resume, they’ve added a Channel Independent SOLO Feature, a long-spring tank for the all-tube Reverb, the complete set of Voicing Choices from their CABCLONE™ with the addition of the VINTAGE setting to its on-board DI Output and an upgraded Footswitch for access to the new footswitchable choices. This new blend of perfect clip-ablity on demand and exciting, dynamic headroom when you need it, creates the most adaptable MARK amplifier yet! Mark Five 35 Mid Boost With their MID/BOOST feature, a wonderful graduation of overdrive possibilities unfolds, enhancing gain over a broad midrange spectrum and increasing the versatility of each of the Modes in Channel 1... More Info

Mesa/Boogie Custom Mark Five:35 Combo with British Tan Tolex, Tan Jute Grill, and Brown Corners

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