Acoustic vs. Electronic Drums

If you're thinking of buying a drum set, you have a lot of things to consider. But, not enough people consider whether they should buy electronic or acoustic. While most people imagine purchasing acoustic drums, there are advantages and disadvantages of both types. Below we'll discuss some essential differences between electronic and acoustic drum sets that you need to think about before you go out and buy your new set.

Consider the Features You Want

In the early stages of your search, you need to figure out the features you need and the ones you want. This will help you find a set that best fits your needs and how you'll use your drum set, whether it's acoustic or electronic.

Here are some different features to take into account:

  • Volume: The drums are well-known for being a loud instrument — they don't need any extra equipment to be heard. If you have an acoustic drum set, anyone near you will hear you. This could be a positive to some people, but it may be an issue if you live in a quieter neighborhood or an apartment complex. When you have an electronic set, you can turn the volume on the speakers way down or use a pair of headphones.
  • Sound: A good acoustic kit will give you the classic sound. But, there are a lot of different types of drum sets when it comes to acoustic ones. If you're going acoustic, you have to pick just one. With an electronic set, you can program your drums to have different tones to sound like different types of acoustic drum sets.
  • Space: Typically, electronic sets are smaller when they're set up and are easier to pack up quickly. If you're leaning toward an acoustic set, you really need a designated space to keep them set up.
  • Effects: With an acoustic drum set, you need new parts to get different sounds. But, with an electronic one, you can press a few buttons to get an entirely new effect.

Think of How You'll Use Your Set

The type of features you need depends on how you're planning on using your drums.

If you are mainly using your set for yourself at home, the drum kit features you need will really come down to personal preference. If you're still unsure about what you want, try out both types.

If you plan on starting or joining a band, later on, an acoustic set is best — unless you'll be playing electronica or another genre based on electronic instruments. When you're practicing with your band or doing a live show, nothing beats going all-out on your kit and not having to worry about holding back your volume.

If you're a music producer, an electronic kit would be better. When you're looking for just the right tone for a particular track, you'll have way more options with an electronicset. At the press of a few buttons, you can have an entirely new sound. This really helps while you're recording.

At Bananas at Large, we have an extensive selection of both acoustic and electronic drums. Browse through our inventory to learn more about the different models, or stop by one of our two locations in the San Francisco area.

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