Bananas At Large "Storytime" - May 13, 2021 5pm


A look into the rise of the Bay Area Music scene as seen thru the eyes of retailers and instrument builders!

 Thursday, May 13th, 2021 at 5:00pm PST
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Join owner Alan Rosen as he chats with the founding fathers of BAL and hears the stories about famous musicians who visited, ideas that came about, and explains the history and iconic past of Marin's favorite music store!

Get those burning questions answered, such as how we got our name, where the original locations were, how it all came to be, and what famous and notable musicians have graced our showrooms over the years. The unbelievable (but true) stories can go on and on! Don't miss it!

Featuring special guests:

Billy Stapleton - one of the original co-founders and the inventor of the flying Banana logo we all love!

Rick Turner - the founder of Rick Turner guitars and one of the original founders of Alembic Inc.

Sean Hopper - the keyboardist for Huey Lewis and the News and former employee of BAL and Prune Music.

JD Sharp - a previous owner of BAL and credited with the rise of Bananas as an industry icon with his ideas and secrets to success.

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