Best Age to Start Guitar Lessons

Learning to play an instrument is an incredibly fun and rewarding hobby no matter how old you are. If you have a son or daughter expressing an interest in music or you have a desire for them to learn, enrolling your child in music lessons is a great thing to do.

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn — it's second only to the piano.

Below, we'll discuss some factors that go into determining the best age for someone to start learning how to play the guitar.


If your child is the one expressing a strong interest in the guitar, it can be a strong motivator. Whether they saw a great performance from a professional musician, a friend plays or they want to work in the music industry when they get older, it's key for your child to express an interest too. Whatever hobby a person may have, it's key that it's something they want to do — not something someone else is pushing them to do.

Enrolling your child in music lessons is a good activity for them, but be sure that learning that particular instrument is something they are expressing interest in. If they aren't interested right now, maybe wait a year or two and see if their interests change. If they would rather learn ukulele or piano, try that first. All music lessons are good for the brain development of children, so don't feel that it has to be one specific instrument to start with.

What's "Too" Young?

There is a general minimum age for learning the guitar. Kids under seven years old typically just don't have the strength to keep their hands and arms in the right position and get a good sound out of the instrument. Sometimes ukulele can be a good starter instrument for kids five to seven, as its easier to play for smaller hands.

Make sure that your child is able to sit and pay attention for at least a half hour at a time. Some guitar teachers discourage guitar lessons for kids until they're 10 years old or older, so check with the teacher to see what the minimum age they recommend. You can always try a lesson first with a loaner instrument before committing to regular lessons to see if your child is ready. Learning an instrument is a big commitment! There are the normal weekly lessons, building up finger and hand strength and practicing at home. The best way for them to learn is by being excited about it, committing to practicing, and having the right instrument for their size.

So there really is no "best" age for starting guitar lessons. It's really up to you do decide what age to start your kid with lessons. One child may be able to start at seven, but another child may be best suited to start at twelve.

Other Options

Even just exposing your child to music is a great way to get them interested in learning how to play guitar themselves. Take them to concerts in different genres or have them meet one of your friends who knows how to play. Before you invest in the instrument and equipment, you can test out your child's interest. Remember, when they are excited about it, the investment pays off.

You could also teach your child the ukulele, piano, drums, or other instrument. The basics of music learning including timekeeping and rhythm can translate to all instruments. So, if they start on one and switch to another instrument later, that's ok too! Learning any instrument is good for their development.

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