Does the Type of Cable Affect Your Tone?

Does the cable you use really affect your tone? And if it does, will some cables make your music sound better?

Below, we'll briefly talk about how cables can change the tones of your music and what that means for you.

Some Cables Can Give Certain Improvements

Plenty of premium cables out there claim to give your music a superior sound. These cables can provide specific improvements to your sound.

For example, more expensive cables often have better shielding, meaning your cable will pick up less interference. If you want a cleaner sound to your music, then this could be a huge benefit.

These cables can also give lower capacitance, which affects higher frequencies — the higher the capacitance, the more loss of higher tones. Some cables can leave out some of these higher frequencies, but not all of them. A more expensive cable will give you a greater range.

"Better" Is Subjective

While a more expensive cable can improve certain aspects of your sound, it's up to you to decide if that's what you want. Certain cables can make your music cleaner and give you the capability to play at higher frequencies. To some people, that type of tone is better — but for others, it's not.

We recognize that cables do have some effect on tone, but we can't universally claim that one type is better over another. It really comes down to personal preference.

If you're producing a pop tune, you might want a cleaner, fresher sounding tone to record the vocals over. But, for other genres, this type of tone might sound out of place. If you're in a metal or punk band, you don't want your guitar or vocals to sound super clean and crisp. A grungier tone is what gives those genres their character and identity.

Try Out Different Cables

If you're trying to create your own unique sound or looking to replicate a specific genre or musician, try experimenting.

Most musicians have different equipment that helps give their music the tone they want, so it might be a smart idea to have a few different ones on hand. You can swap them in and out whenever you want to get the exact tone that you're looking for.

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