How to Stream Audio Online Successfully

Ready to stream video and audio online? Whether it's for online lessons or making YouTube videos, there are several factors that you should consider when looking for the right equipment for video and audio to get your message out.

Depending on your platform, and whether you will be streaming live or simply pre-recording your video to edit and post later, you want to make sure your message comes across clearly. This means you want to make sure that whatever platform you are using, you can be seen AND heard properly. 

Platforms Available Online

There are several great options for streaming video live online. Many are free and others are paid through a subscription. Be sure to check each one out for their features to find what works best for you. Although there are many services available, here are a few of the most popular resources to check out:

Google Hangouts - free to create an account with a gmail email address.

Skype - free to create an account.

Facetime (with iOS devices only)

Zoom - varying account levels.

What Will I Need?

What type of audio equipment you need to be successful depends on how you want to do it. Some prefer simply using the audio provided through their laptop or desktop computer. Technology is rapidly developing and although computer-based cameras and microphones can provide just enough coverage for online meetings and chats, you might be ready for something better when it comes to presenting classes or live streaming. 

Right now we will focus on providing solutions for improved audio sources, assuming you are using your phone, tablet, or computer to catch the video for you. For those looking to go deeper, there are many solutions out there involving extensive setups with external high quality cameras, mixers, and microphones. 

For the do-it-yourself person who needs to get started quickly, see below for some solutions to get you started fast and on a budget!

USB Microphones and Mixers

For high quality audio, there are USB microphones that plug directly into your computer so that you can be clearly heard (as well as your instrument if necessary) as well as ones that allow you to plug directly into your phone or tablet. You can also opt to have separate inputs for your instrument and voice if you prefer. In that case you would require a USB audio mixer that a mic will plug into and then be plugged directly into the computer. There are some examples below.

With an audio mixer, you can use any microphone that will work, but the mixer will need to be a USB mixer to plug straight into your computer.

If you want to plug directly into your phone or tablet, you'll need a microphone or mixer that will allow you to do so via USB or lightning adapter. Here are some options:

Shure MV5 Mic - this option is affordable, can plug directly into your phone via USB or lighting adapter and is an easy way to get started quickly. 

Shure MV51 Mic - this mic can plug into your computer or phone/tablet via USB or lighting adapter. 

Shure MVi-LTG - this small mixer allows you to plug your microphone or instrument into it which then connects to your phone or tablet for clear, direct audio. This option is good for only one connection at a time, but you can use an existing microphone that uses a standard XLR plug. 

Roland Go Mixer - this small mixer allows you to plug your instrument and microphone in at the same time directly to your phone or tablet. Easy and portable. 

Behringer UM2 - a great option for those streaming from a computer! You can plug both your microphone, instrument, and headphones into it for great live sound.

If you are looking for a more extensive setup, check out our Work From Home, Stream from Home, and Jam from Home Collections here for ideas and solutions! There are many ways you can get to your goal and we are here to help accommodate your budget and needs!

Need help? Have questions?

Our amazing staff are ready to give you all the pointers you need to get set up. Don't hesitate to reach out to them with your questions about cables, setup, or what mic or mixer is best for your situation. Call, email, or LiveChat us during normal business hours.


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