A New Generation of Rock Royalty

From MESA® comes a departure from Boogie® and a new bloodline aimed at the Rock Throne. Gorgeous Cleans, Classic Crunch and Gain Beyond (our highest ever), housed in a small, light, 50 Watt package with total flexibility. The New Triple Crown™ TC-50.

We are excited to share this video featuring Tal Morris trying out the MESA/Boogie 1TC‑BBPF Triple Crown TC-50.

3-channel, 50-watt and EL-34 powered, this new amplifier captures the essence of Rock with endless ability to inspire new genres. Emanating from the “other side of MESA” that spawned Rock’s iconic Dual Rectifier, this new platform features a bold and unapologetic set of new circuits unlike anything else in Mesa’s line. They’ve also heightened the appeal by making the overall value even more undeniable with arguably their best pricing versus features/performance.

From bubbly, sparkling clean sounds, rarely heard in this type of amp, to an amazingly tight and aggressive wall of Rock Crunch, to one of their most lyrical, harmonically rich and gain-laden high-gain channels ever, the Triple Crown’s aim is to reclaim Rock’s high-gain throne.

Experience the new King of Rock – The Triple Crown TC-50!

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