Private Lessons vs. Group Lessons

So you've decided to learn an instrument? That's great! There are lots of ways that people learn to play instruments, from formal lessons to informal lessons from a friend. With more developments in technology, there's also an increasing number of people who teach themselves to play instruments using free resources on the internet.

If you're serious about becoming proficient at an instrument, you should enroll in some type of formal lessons. When you're ready to take lessons with a music teacher, you'll have two options: private and group music lessons.

Each type of lesson will have advantages and disadvantages. Consider the factors below before enrolling in your first lesson.

Private Lessons

Here are some of the perks of enrolling in private lessons instead of group lessons:

  • Personal growth: When you work with a teacher on your own, you'll experience a lot more personal growth than you would from group lessons. In private lessons, you can set your own goals and then work specifically toward those goals.
  • Individual attention: This is probably the main reason why people choose private lessons over group lessons. While you can get some individual attention at a group lesson, you'll get the teacher's full attention for the entire time during a private lesson. Every student learns a little differently. At a group lesson, it's impossible to cater to the needs of every student in the group. With private lessons, you don't have that issue.
  • Develop technique: During the early stages of learning an instrument, it's key to develop the right technique. If you start bad habits early on, it becomes more and more difficult to correct them. If you're taking group lessons, it's easier to slide by while using those bad habits. But with a private lesson, your teacher can catch them right away and get you back on track.
  • Work at your own pace: In a group lesson, you have to follow through the predetermined lesson plans. If you don't get something right away and need more time, you'll either slow down the rest of the class or have them leave you behind. On the other hand, if you progress more quickly than the rest of the class, you have to wait for them to catch up. Either way, you can't move at your own pace in a group lesson. With private lessons, you can move through the lessons as quickly or as slowly as you'd like. If you need to miss a lesson for whatever reason, it's no biggie when you're taking private lessons, too.

If these things sound appealing, then enrolling in private lessons may be your best choice.

Group Lessons

Like with private music lessons, group lessons have their own benefits. Here are some of the perks of enrolling in group lessons instead of private lessons:

  •  Social experience: If you're looking to meet new people and have a weekly chance to interact with others, group lessons are a great pick for the social experience. Unlike some other ways to get the social experience, you're developing a great new skill at the same time: learning an instrument.
  • Cost: Group lessons can be as much as half the cost of private lessons. If cost is a concern, you could enroll in some group lessons to see how interested you really are in learning the instrument. If you find that you love it and want more personal attention, you could always switch over to private lessons later on.
  • Motivation: Having others around you, learning along with you, can be a great motivator. If you see someone is progressing more quickly, it may inspire you to put in more time to catch up.
  • Performing: When you're used to playing in front of other people, you're better prepared for live performances. When you're only taking private lessons, you're accustomed to playing in front of one other person. Playing in front of a large audience can bring on a lot of nerves. You avoid that issue when you take group lessons.
  • Playing in a group: If you're learning an instrument so you can start a band or another music group, group lessons will help prepare you to play along with others.

If you're thinking about enrolling in music lessons, Bananas at Large® offers both individual and group lessons.

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