Taylor Grand Auditorium

A versatile guitar shape equally suited for fingerpicking and strumming. While the bigger Dreadnought was traditionally considered a flatpicker’s guitar and the smaller Grand Concert catered to fingerstylists, the GA was designed to deliver on both fronts. The shape produced an original acoustic voice that was big enough to handle medium-strength picking and strumming, yet with impressive balance across the tonal spectrum, especially in the midrange, producing clear, well-defined notes that suited both strumming and fingerstyle playing. The GA’s overall presence tracks well with other instruments both in a studio mix and on stage, and singer-songwriters have embraced its utility both for composing and traveling with one guitar.

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Taylor Grand Auditorium Guitar Musical Profile

In case you're eager to learn more about the Taylor Grand Auditorium Guitar, we've put together a brief musical profile to give you a better idea of its features.

  • Versatility: These guitars are designed with Taylor’s most popular body shape.
  • Balance: The Grand Auditorium produces a lovely blend of clear, warm and lasting sound. 
  • Midrange: The guitars feature a defined midrange for an elevated playing experience. 
  • Good response: The Taylor Grand Auditorium responds flawlessly to many different music styles.

Benefits of Buying A Taylor Grand Auditorium Guitar

The Taylor Grand Auditorium collection features many benefits to enhance your musical experience, including:

  • Multipurpose guitar playing: The Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar is excellent for generalists who love playing anything, anywhere, anytime. 
  • Live performance and recording: These guitars can do it all.
  • Ideal for creatives: If you're a singer-songwriter or a musician in a band, these instruments will enhance your writing or performing creative experience.
  • Perfect for almost anyone: You can't go wrong with this guitar if you're a light- to medium-strength strummer or picker.

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