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Samson Technologies began in 1980 designing wireless microphone systems. Today, they are an industry leader in both consumer and professional audio.

Samson was founded in 1980 as a manufacturer of wireless microphone systems. While wireless mics still comprise a large portion of their business, the company has grown considerably since then. Now, Samson mics, mixers, power amps and PAs are a mainstay in venues and rehearsal rooms around the world.

All Samson products offer excellent value and performance. Bananas at Large® is proud to carry their products precisely for this reason. If you're looking for affordable, reliable and intuitive pro audio or PA gear, look no further than our carefully selected inventory of Samson products.

Samson Wireless Systems

Samson wireless mics give musicians the freedom to move around and express themselves on stage without restraints. Prized for their intuitive setup and rock-solid reliability, Samson products have been setting the industry standard since 1980.

The current lineup of Samson products includes the Concert 288. The Concert 288 is a high-performance, dual-channel UHF system offering a 300' range, and a dual-antenna design with up to 32 selectable frequency options to reduce dropouts.

The Concert 288 supports up to 24 systems or 48 performers simultaneously and includes a dynamic, lavalier and headset mic. For product details, check out the Concert 288 product page or visit a Bananas location to arrange a demo.

Samson Mics

Wired or wireless, Samson mics offer crystal clear sound reproduction in live and studio settings. One of the company's most useful products is the G-Track Pro — a USB mic that includes a 24-bit audio interface for recording instruments, as well. An all-in-one solution for creating studio-quality tracks on the go, the G-Track Pro is an economical addition to any engineer's toolkit.

Samson mics are for more than just musicians, however. The AirLine 77 is a wireless fitness headset mic ideal for leading aerobics, yoga, spin or other athletics classes. Durable enough for any workout and designed to stay in place at all times, the AirLine 77 is another unique Samson creation.

Samson PAs

The right mic is only part of bringing your voice to an audience. Samson portable PAs are easy to transport and set up in any environment. Ideal for rehearsals, gigs, conferences and events, the Samson Expedition XP106 is a rechargeable, portable PA delivering 100 watts of Class D power in a compact package.

The Expedition features an onboard four-channel mixer, built-in Bluetooth connectivity and an internal battery capable of delivering 20 hours of use on a single charge. A turnkey solution for live events, the Samson Expedition comes with a high-quality wired dynamic mic.

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If you're looking to buy a Samson microphone in San Rafael or elsewhere in the San Francisco Bay area, stop by a Bananas location today. We'd be happy to demo any of the company's products for you and suggest the right model based on your needs.

Not in the Bay area? Shop online to take advantage of periodic deals on some of Samson's most popular products. Browse our inventory using the links above, or contact us by phone or email for assistance. You can also contact us online or call or text us at 1 (888) 900-1959 for more details.