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Ultimate Ears SWITCH in-ear monitors

The ultimate in-ear monitors. They handcraft the world's highest quality, most trusted professional custom in-ear monitors for serious musicians and music lovers alike. Experience the freedom and joy of using in-ears for your next gig. Book Appointment

Hear a Difference

If you're in the market for some in-ear monitors, you have a lot of choices. There are tons of brands to choose from — products with different features and the choice between in-ear monitors and headphones. The type of in-ear monitors you choose will also depend on how you plan on using them. Ultimate Ears has professional-grade in-ear audio monitors for every type of musician.

If you play in a band and play a lot of local gigs, the UE 5 Pro is a great fit. It will give you a clear sound and cover a wide range of instruments. Or, if you're a bassist or drummer and need more of an emphasis on those lower tones, the UE 11 Pro would be the better fit. 

With a monitor made specifically for different roles, you'll be sure to hear the difference. Other equipment may have been made with a broad range of capabilities, giving you settings you don't need and lacking in the ones that you do need. Ultimate Ears lets you find the perfect in-ear monitor that will best fit your individual needs.

Customization Options

You may be using in-ear monitors that you love, but were they made specifically for you?

Mass-produced in-ear monitors, no matter the level of quality, are still made to fit anyone. When you choose Ultimate Ears, you can customize the type of in-ear monitors that you want so they fit only you. We are an authorized Ultimate Ears dealer, meaning we have the equipment, tools and knowledge to help you get custom in-ear monitors from Ultimate Ears.

Once the scan is complete, your custom in-ear monitors will be 3D-printed at Ultimate Ears' production site in Irvine, CA. Within five to seven business days, you'll have your custom set of in-ear monitors in your hands.

When you're using a piece of equipment that was made specifically for you, you can improve your craft even more. Whether your Ultimate Ears will help you become a better performer, producer or musician, you're sure to see a difference.

Why Shop Ultimate Ears at Bananas at Large®?

Ultimate Ears trusts us to outfit you with a custom-molded set of in-ear monitors. We love music just as much as you do, and we wouldn't recommend any equipment that we wouldn't use ourselves.

Ultimate Ears makes some of the best in-ear monitors in the industry. If you're looking for a new set of in-ear monitors, we want to get you home with the perfect fit. We aren't satisfied until you're completely satisfied.

Our goal at Bananas at Large® is to combine the older feel of a community music store with the ability to change along with the music industry. We stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and standards to provide the best customer experience.

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