Vox Amplification

Since coming on the scene in 1958, VOX has served as the voice for emerging artists and legends alike, VOX is not just another brand, it’s a lifestyle. Guitar Amplifiers, Effects Pedals, Multi-FX Processors, Wah-Wah pedals and Guitars.

The massive success achieved by VOX in the 1960s laid the foundation for the legacy that continues to thrive nearly 60 years later. Many of the same amplifiers that artists relied on back then are still going strong today. Amplifiers like the AC4, AC15, and AC30 are still the most popular VOX products amongst guitarists seeking that classic chime.

The sound of VOX amplifiers has left a lasting impact on popular music that still reverberates today. The most influential artists in the world continue to rely on VOX amplifiers to deliver world-class tone in the finest studios and on the biggest stages around the globe. Find your voice with VOX.