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Learning to play an instrument is a great way to spend your time. Whether you're doing it for your career or as a hobby, there are tons of benefits of playing an instrument. It can improve your memory and coordination, lets you get creative and can be very relaxing.

If you don't already have your instrument yet, you might consider pre-owned.

If you're looking for a selection of local, used musical instruments in the San Francisco area, visit us at Bananas at Large®. With our inventory of used guitars, amps, fx pedals, basses, drums and keyboards, you can find the perfect instrument for you.

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Used Guitar

Bananas at Large buys and sells Pre-Owned gear!

If you have something you are interested in selling, please fill out the form on this page or email a description and photos to

Used Guitars and Basses

Whether you've recently decided you want to learn to play and are looking for a beginner acoustic guitar or want to rock out in a band with an electric guitar or bass, be sure to look through our selection of pre-owned guitars and basses. Our selection and quality ensure you'll be getting the best.

Used Drums

The drums are a fun instrument. With your setup around you, you need high energy and great rhythm to keep the tempo and the rest of the band playing together. When you're looking at used drums, you may find that it will save you a bit of money. 

Since drum sets are made up of several instruments and other equipment, the cost can add up a little faster than other instruments. Shopping pre-owned can help you save — and when you come in under budget, you can pick up some extras that you may not have been able to get if you had purchased everything brand-new.

Used Keyboards

Keyboards are one of the most versatile instruments out there. If you have a synthesizer, you can program it to have a huge variety of sounds. 

Whether you want to use keyboards in live performances or for recording, it will help bring a number of different tones and sounds from one instrument. Additionally, if you have a child you want to get involved in music, the keyboard is a great pick.

Why Shop Pre-Owned at Bananas at Large®?

We love music, just like you. We've been in business since 1974, helping our customers find exactly what they want and need. Our team of professional musicians has been in your shoes at some point, too. They can help resolve any issues or concerns you have and send you home with something you'll love for many years.

Browse through our inventory of used musical instruments from anywhere when you shop online, or stop by either of our two locations — San Rafael or Santa Rosa — in the San Francisco Bay area. Contact us today! .

View Our Full Selection of Used Instruments