Yamaha Music Products

yamahaSince 1887, Yamaha has been manufacturing one of the most comprehensive lineups of musical instruments in the industry. The company is notable not only for the breadth of its offerings but also for its across-the-board quality. Yamaha pianos, guitars, synthesizers and drums are all professional-grade instruments. Additionally, their pro audio division manufactures value-packed PA speakers, monitors and headphones for working musicians and venue owners alike.

Yamaha Products

Bananas at Large® is proud to partner with Yamaha. We offer a carefully curated selection of instruments for musicians of all experience levels. To make things easy for our customers, we cherry-pick the best of Yamaha's current lineup of:

  •  Pro audio gearYamaha designs its pro audio gear for reliability, value and great sound above all. Browse our selection of digital and analog mixers, powered speakers, subs and other products — everything you need for live sound reinforcement or studio work.
  • Electric basses: From stages to studios around the world, Yamaha basses can be found holding down the low end in any setting. The company's entry-level models offer the best value in their price range, while the pro-quality BB series is ideal for any working musician.
  • Acoustic guitars: Yamaha has been manufacturing acoustic guitars since the 1960s and continues to innovate with new models such as the TransAcoustic series. Individuals looking to buy Yamaha guitars will be happy to know that today's lineup includes steel string, 12-string and classical guitars at a range of price points. All products offer exceptional fit, finish and playability.
  • Synthesizers: Yamaha synths have shaped the sound of popular music for decades. Today, the MONTAGE and MX series are advanced tools for sonic architects across a range of genres and styles. Unlock your creative potential with a Yamaha synth today!
  • Electric guitars: Rock and roll as we know it today wouldn't exist without the electric guitar. If you're looking to shake up your sound, consider the unique REVSTAR lineup of products. Inspired by the 60s but packed with modern innovations, Yamaha REVSTAR guitars are just one of many options offered by the legendary manufacturer. If you buy an A-Series or Revstar guitar before December 31st, you will get 4 sets of free strings!
  • Digital pianos: Perfect for home study or live performance, Yahama digital pianos deliver rich sound in a compact package. Weighted keys offer a natural feel and response that leads to more expressive performances and a deeper connection with your instrument.
  • Electronic drums: In the studio or in your practice space, Yamaha electronic drums are capable of delivering everything from realistic acoustic sounds to out-of-this-world beats. Expanded connectivity and onboard training options make them great for pros and beginners alike.
  • Portable keyboards: A portable keyboard is often a young learner's first introduction to the world of music. Yamaha products grow with their users, with built-in training and sound shaping features that make them versatile tools for budding creatives of all ages. Take a look at our Yamaha keyboards for sale.

 At Bananas, we're careful to offer products for beginners, advanced musicians and working pros alike. More importantly, we strive to treat every customer with respect and due consideration for their needs. In everything we do, our goal is to spread the joy of learning and playing music.

Working with leading brands like Yamaha helps ensure that we have something for everyone, including instruments and equipment to inspire your creativity and position you to take the next steps on your musical journey, wherever that may lead. Shop Yamaha instruments for sale now!