Ultimate Support JamStand JS-KD55 Angle-Adjustable Kick Drum Guitar Amp Mic Stand

Ultimate Support


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The JS-KD55 is a low-profile mic stand that fits just about anywhere your kick drum or guitar amp might end up. At 15.5” to 21” it’s plenty short enough to blend in on stage or in your studio. Plus the v-shaped base means you can even set it around corners or close to other stands and equipment without the base getting in the way. Not only is the JS-KD55 height adjustable but it’s also angle and depth adjustable as well! The stand is angle adjustable at the base and it includes a 16.5” fixed boom arm for even greater flexibility. You can get your microphone exactly where you want it to be with the JS-KD55! You’ll find many uses for the heavy-duty JS-KD55. Of course you can use it to mic up your kick drum or guitar amp but it’s also a great desktop solution as well! Whether you need sound reinforcement for a press conference want to record your next podcast or are mic’ing up the band this mic stand offers the flexibility your next project demands.