Scott Lawrence - Piano

Scott Lawrence - Piano

Genres: Teaches All Music Genres
Specialties: Jazz Studies

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Learn Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, Classical.

Adult and teen beginners are Scott's forte.

If you already read music, Scott can help you improve your reading and sight-reading skills. Or would you like to learn your favorite tunes off of records without learning how to read? Scott has very good ears and can transcribe tunes off recordings, teach you how to do the same, and teach you solo arrangements. Do you want to learn how to read "fake" books (books with just melody lines and chord symbols)? Do you want to play country? Interested in Salsa/Cuban music? Scott can teach you all of this, and more. If you are a professional, Scott can help you hone the skills you already possess or assist you in developing new ones.

Scott has 35 years of performing, recording, and touring experience. He has played all popular styles professionally, in small clubs, theaters, and stadiums. Some venues include Carnegie Hall and Oakland Coliseum. Scott has worked with such artists as Jesse Colin Young, Country Joe, Norton Buffalo, and Magic Slim. His credits include more than 25 albums. Scott also has a Masters Degree in Jazz Studies from North Texas State.

Scott Lawrence currently works with Bay Area swing/dance band Stompy Jones. Stompy Jones plays in San Francisco every Tuesday night at the Verdi Club, and every Thursday at the Top Of The Mark, in the Mark Hopkins Hotel. For more information, visit or

All student levels in all styles are welcome.

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