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Bananas Lesson Program 

Interested in taking music lessons? Here is an overview of how our program works:

- We utilize an online scheduling system powered by Wellness Living that allows teachers AND students the ability to see their own schedules, access previous appointment information and see their payment records. After initial registration, you will be send a Welcome Email that will give you access to the account.

- Most students start off scheduling one initial lesson to meet the teacher and make sure it is a good fit for the student. After that first lesson, if things go well (and we are sure they will!), get in touch with the Lesson Coordinator to secure your regular day and time. 

- The first lesson is paid up front at the time of Registration. After that, once your payment card is securely stored in your account, you will be normally billed the first business day after each lesson unless you choose to be billed up front at the beginning of each month. See below for detailed information on billing.

- You will receive a courtesy appointment reminder 3 days before each lesson to the email on file. Be sure to check your spam folder and mark any emails from 'lessons@bananas.com' as NOT spam to be sure to receive them.

- We require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson without additional charge. This allows us to give the teacher sufficient notice and to add students from a wait list to open spots on the schedule when possible. 

- It's easy to contact the Lesson Coordinator with questions or schedule changes. Simply reply to any system email (confirmations, reminders, etc.) and it is sent straight to her. You can also email directly to lessons@bananas.com. She is available by phone between 9am and 2pm Monday through Friday at (415) 457-7600 x 104. 

- We provide students with a 15% discount on books and accessories and stock what students need! If your teacher recommends a particular book or tool for your lessons (tuners, metronomes, sticks, manuscript paper), just ask any of our friendly staff to help! If we need to, we can order it for you too! 


All students are required to pay a $25 Annual Registration Fee. Additional students in the same family will be charged $10 each. First time students will be assessed the fee at the 2nd lessons. Ongoing students will be assessed at the anniversary of their first lesson. 

If you have any questions, about this, please let us know!

Accessing My Student Account

Online Login Page for Students

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All lessons scheduled online are required to be prepaid. Upon booking online, you will be prompted to pay at the time of booking.  

For subsequent lessons, students are required to have a credit card on file within their account for automatic tuition processing. If you opt into regular lessons (weekly or bi-weekly), you will be enrolled in automatic payment. The initial lesson will be charged to your card on file up front and as that lesson pass is used, your card will be automatically billed for the next pass. 

You can also opt to do 4 passes at a time, which will also auto-renew after all of the passes have been used. 

Tuition may be also be paid by cash or check, but must be prepaid. You may drop your payment with any staff member at the counter in an envelope. Make sure to write the student's name on the envelope for proper processing. 

If you have questions about payment or need assistance setting it up in your account, please reach out to lessons@bananas.com.

Declined Tuition Payment

If a payment is declined, we will attempt a second transaction on the next business day. If it is not resolved, we will contact you regarding the discrepancy. If we are unable to correct it within 5 business days, the student will be removed from the schedule for any subsequent lessons until such time that the tuition is brought current. Time slots cannot be reserved if the account is not kept current.

Lesson Schedule

All  students are scheduled within an available day and time that works for their schedule.

For students who arrange a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, your time is reserved specifically for the student and will not be scheduled for any other student. If at any time you were unable to make your scheduled lesson (see the Cancellation Policy), we reserve the right to fill that time spot on that day if it meets the needs of the teacher and/or other student. However, your future lessons will continue as scheduled.

In some cases, if you are unable to maintain your regular time slot and are cancelling your lesson more than once per month, we may need to cancel your future scheduled lessons to allow for a student on the waitlist to take the available day and time. You are still able to schedule on a "floating" basis, but will be dependent on the teacher's available lesson times.

Summer Cancellations - if a student needs to cancel more than 3 lessons consecutively for the summer, they will have the option to reserve their regular day and time for their return after summer break by placing a deposit on file. Please speak to the Lesson Coordinator if you have questions regarding the deposit. The deposit will be equal to 3 lesson credits and is applicable to lessons once the student returns to the schedule in the fall. 


48 Hours Notice is required for ALL students to cancel a scheduled lesson. Same day cancellations will not be accepted. Cancellation notice will only be accepted through the following ways:

Email to: lessons@bananas.com

Call Lesson Coordinator: (415) 457-7600 x 104 

Lesson Coordinator Office Hours:  Mon-Friday 10:00am – 3:00pm

Before or After Hours: Leave a voicemail message or send an email to lessons@bananas.com . If sent after hours, your message and/or email will be returned or responded by the next business day. 

Saturdays or Sundays: Email the Coordinator or notify your teacher directly. Voicemail on weekends will not be received until Monday morning. Any phone or email cancellations received over the weekend for Monday or Tue lessons will be handled on Monday morning. 

Please leave a message with your name and the name of the student (if a child) and their regular scheduled time and teacher’s name.  If available, we would prefer to reschedule the lesson to an open time in the schedule. If no makeup lesson can be scheduled, any prepaid lesson credit will roll over to the following lesson.


If a student does not give 48 hours notice to cancel a lesson and does not show up for their scheduled lesson, they will not be granted a makeup lesson OR credited or refunded any tuition fees.

Two no-shows on any student account will place the student in a Probationary account status and the student will be removed from the regular schedule. No refund will be issued for the missed lessons or account credits.

If no communication is received from the student family and lessons are discontinued, and at such time the family wishes to continue their lessons, the student will be required to pay an additional Registration fee and tuition up front for the newly scheduled month.

Holidays or Vacation Time Off

If a student family will be taking an extended holiday or vacation time away from their lessons (missing 3 or more consecutive lessons), we ask for a 2 week notice of such a cancellation. To "hold" your reserved day and time for lessons upon returning from your extended break period, you will be asked to put down a deposit that can be used for lessons after your break period ends. Otherwise, you may forfeit your reserved day and time.

Books & Materials

All students will normally require certain books and materials in order to continue with music lessons. Books and materials are not included in the cost of tuition and will usually be required at the first scheduled lesson and/ore may be required to be purchased during the duration of subsequent lessons. As student’s progress through their lesson program, additional books may be recommended as well as other tools and materials the teacher deems necessary for their advancement.

Student Behavior

All students are expected to behave in a manner that is acceptable to the environment of receiving education. At no time will a student be allowed to behave disrespectfully towards a teacher or any member of our staff. We understand that very young students are still learning how to behave and as such, we require that parents of children under 10 be in attendance with their child during their lesson time (either in person in the lesson room OR available in the waiting room).

Behaviors that will NOT be tolerated:

  • Name calling
  • Cursing or Foul Language
  • Disrespect to the teacher or staff
  • Breaking items in the lesson room or waiting area
  • Loud behavior such as yelling, running, and/or anything that may disturb others
  • Not complying with the requests of the teacher or staff

If any student is shown to be displaying any unacceptable behavior, the student and/or parent will be notified immediately. If the student continues to show disrespectful behavior, the student will be placed on a Probationary status. If the behavior continues, the student will not be allowed to continue their participation in our Lesson Program and no refund will be issued for missed and unattended lessons.


“I’m a complete beginner. Am I ready to take music lessons?”

Absolutely! We have teachers for all levels of music education. Whether you are brand new to playing music or have been playing for 30 years, we can find a teacher who will fit your needs and your schedule!

“Do you offer group lessons or two people at one time?”

We offer an Intro to Guitar/Bass, Intro to Ukulele, and Intro to Drums once per month (no intro class in Nov/Dec) as a great way to see if a student is interested in doing private lessons. At this time we have small lessons rooms and aren't able to accommodate two persons in the same lesson for guitar, bass, or piano. Sometimes we can arrange for 2 lessons with 2 different teachers at the same time, but it can vary depending on each teacher's availability. 

“I’m a very busy adult and don’t always have time each week to take a lesson or practice. Can I still take music lessons?”

Absolutely! We understand that you have a busy schedule and can’t always make it for a weekly lesson. Our Lesson Coordinator can work with you to pre-schedule a floating lesson when it looks like your schedule can fit it in. Cancellation and attendance policy will still apply, but you can schedule single lessons when it best fits your schedule!

“How much does it cost to take music lessons?”

Each teacher charges their own rates for music lessons depending on if they have 30 minute, 45 minute, or hour long lessons each week. The Lesson Coordinator can go over each teacher’s rates with you and help you find one that fits your schedule and your budget! You can also find the rates listed through the online booking portal and on each teacher's individual bio page here. Find the teacher list here.

“Where are your music lessons held?”

All of our music lessons are held at our Bananas at Large location in San Rafael and Santa Rosa. We do not send teachers for home lessons at this time.

"What if I can’t make my regular lesson time? What do I do?”

Bananas requires a 48 hour notice to cancel and/or reschedule a music lesson. This allows us to let the teachers know that you won’t be here and gives us time to adjust the schedule. The only exception to this would be illness: if you or your child wakes up the morning of their lesson with illness, please let us know. It is at the teacher's discretion to excuse a lesson cancellation due to illness. 

If your regularly scheduled time is difficult to maintain because your schedule changed, let the Lesson Coordinator know. They can work with you to find a better day and time for your lessons. If you are needing to cancel more than 1x per month, we reserve the right to remove you from that day/time on the schedule to make room for a student who can consistently maintain that scheduled time. Thank you for understanding.

“Are my books and materials included in the cost of tuition?”

Unfortunately, no. Books and materials are the responsibility of the student and/or parent to purchase. Fortunately, most of the lesson books and supplementary supplies the teachers require are generally not hard to get. A Bananas staff member can work with you to get exactly what you need.

“I want to take lessons, but I don’t have an instrument to practice on at home. What can I do?”

No problem! Bananas at Large is the North Bay’s best music store! We have everything you need from guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, microphones, and more! Just ask our Lesson Coordinator to get you set up with one of our friendly sales associates who can help you pick out an instrument that fits your needs and your budget!

"I need help logging into my account to update my information. How do I do that?"

You can request your login information from the Lessons Coordinator (or reset your password if needed) and use the link to the Access Your Account videos listed below to walk you through accessing your account. If you need additional help, contact the Lessons Coordinator. 

Online Login Page

Student Instructional Videos: 

Access Your Account by Computer - Video

Access Your Account with the Achieve App - Video

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