Baby Taylor 3/4 Acoustic Guitars

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The guitar that set the standard for the travel guitar market. The Baby Taylor acoustic guitar is the ultimate travel companion, delivering volume and tone that surprise for its diminutive dimensions. At three-quarters the size of a full-size guitar, the Baby Taylor lives for the road. Because of it's smaller size, it makes it an irresistible choice for kids learning to play. Available with either a solid spruce or solid mahogany top.

What You Get When You Buy A Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Baby Taylor Acoustic 3/4 Guitars pack a lot of power. While presented in a smaller frame, they possess the same musical magic as many full-size guitars. Plus, buying aBaby Taylor Acoustic 3/4 Guitar comes with the following benefits:

  • Portable: The Baby Taylor Guitar is more portable thanks to its travel-friendly size. It's is an excellent choice for a beginner or someone looking to travel with an everyday guitar.
  • Affordable: The Baby Taylor guitar is a meaningful investment, especially if you plan on playing it often. 
  • High quality: These guitars are durable and crafted from high-caliber materials. If you take care of them well, they will last for years. 
  • Playable: Many beginners and experts alike find these guitars easy to play. They make beautiful music regardless of playing style or genre.

Our Baby Taylor 3/4 Guitars For Sale

The Baby Taylor 3/4 acoustic guitars' unparalleled build and quality truly set them apart. These guitars are stable with playable necks, a wide tonal array and beautifully crafted wood surfaces.

We offer Baby Taylor guitars in three different colors and wood types. It's our goal to help you match with the perfect instrument for your needs and desires. When you come to our store, you can handle and play the guitars of your choice. You may also have a chance to speak with other musicians who have Baby Taylor 3/4 guitars of their own!

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If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are looking for a Baby Taylor guitar, Bananas at Large is the place for you. No matter your budget, we offer payment plans and financing that will soon have you strumming your Baby Taylor 3/4 Acoustic guitar from your happy music place in San Francisco.

When you buy your guitar from us, you buy more than just a Baby Taylor guitar. We're passionate about advancing your music education too. You can always email us with any questions you may have about playing your instrument.

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Bananas has specialized in selling top-quality guitars since 1974. We're a complete Fretted Instrument Shop — we carry every kind of guitar and all the extras that go along with them. If you're searching Baby Taylor 3/4 Acoustic Guitars in San Francisco, take a trip to our store and check it out, or contact us today with questions. We're more than happy to respond to emails or speak on the phone.