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Each Bad Cat amplifier is thoughtfully designed to be incredibly flexible without the need for fussy design and overcrowded control panels. This results in an amp which offers the player the shortest route and an instant connection to tone, an amp that never gets in the way of creativity. When you experience a Bad Cat for the first time, you’ll notice clarity, tonal agility, dynamics, and balance. Players and artists choose our amps for our classic lines, dependability, playability, and most of all, the Bad Cat sound. Bad Cat amps are truly modern designs conceived with passion, realized through engineering.

Bad Cat is not a typical tube amp company, and our amps are designed to sound unique so that you can sound like yourself. They’re fiercely independent, prioritizing integrity in everything they do. They’re purpose driven and purpose built. They create locally but think globally. They respect the designs of the past but are future focused. Our goal is simple: Continue to design and build beautiful amps that give you everything you need and nothing you don’t.