D'Addario NYXL Electric Strings

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Founded in 1974 — but with roots stretching back much further — D'Addario is best known as a string manufacturer. The company's NYXL line is one of its newest and most innovative, drawing from their long history and building on their reputation for quality products at an affordable price.

NYXL electric guitar and bass strings incorporate multiple technical innovations that help them stay in tune longer, bend further and play louder than any other product on the market today. A specially engineered mix of a high-carbon steel core and plain steel alloy provides better strength and up to 131 percent more tuning stability, while their nickel-plated winding delivers a ringing presence that's great for cutting through in a band setting.

Choosing a Set of Guitar Strings

The strings on your guitar play a key role in determining your tone — changing them can be an opportunity to experiment with something that will take your playing in a new direction, or it can be a case of sticking with what you know and enjoy. Either way, there are several things you'll need to consider when making a purchase.

When shopping for electric guitar strings, the most crucial distinction is between gauges. "Gauge" refers to the thickness of the string — thicker, heavier gauge strings must be tuned tighter, which improves pitch stability. Lighter strings are generally more comfortable, which makes it easier to perform fast runs with lots of bends high up on the fretboard.

Most rock and metal players favor light or extra light gauge strings — often called eights, nines or tens in reference to the thickness of the high E string. Jazz and blues musicians tend to prefer medium or heavy gauge strings — elevens or twelves. However, these numbers are just general guidelines — string gauge is a personal preference, and the only way to know what works best for you is to try different types.

Choosing the Right Bass Strings

Bass players tend to change their strings less frequently than guitarists, which makes each set you buy a longer commitment. Compared to guitar, there are some additional factors you'll need to consider when shopping for bass strings. Scale length is critical — most electric basses are long scale (34 inches), but some, like the Fender Mustang, are shorter (30 inches) and require shorter strings.

The other consideration is how the strings are wound. Most bass strings are roundwound, giving them a bright tone. Flatwound strings have a smooth surface and are typically used for jazzy fretless bass playing as well as old-school, thumpy rock and roll and Motown-style playing. Half-wound strings offer a compromise between the two.

Buy D'Addario NYXL Strings Online or In-Person

Just as there's no one best guitar or bass, there's no best set of strings for either instrument. The D'Addario NYXL line is a reliable choice for both electric guitar and bass, with a broad range of gauge and scale length options.

Like all D'Addario products, the company proudly makes its NYXL strings in the USA. If you're in the Bay Area, shop the selection of D'Addario strings at a Bananas at Large® location near you. Find us in Santa Rosa or San Rafael, or buy D'Addario strings direct from our online store.