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Taylor’s Dreadnought captures the potent tone flatpickers and strummers love. The potent tone flatpickers and strummers love. The Taylor Dreadnought still boasts that powerful dreadnought tone that old school pickers expect, with deep lows and crisp highs, but with a voice that, like every Taylor, is more evenly balanced across the entire tonal spectrum. Perhaps more than any other shape, the Dreadnought remains linked with roots music like bluegrass and folk, in part because of its traditional role in defining those sounds. Pickers and strummers with an aggressive attack will love our Dreadnought’s blend of power and articulation, which allows for clear lead lines and crisp, driving rhythms.

Why Buy a Taylor Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar?

If you're a fan of flatpicking or lover of all things traditional, a Taylor Dreadnought may be a perfect enhancement to elevate your musical experience. This family of guitars boasts the following:

  • The ideal design for a hard-picking attack
  • A deep and sturdy low end centered around driving stronger rhythms
  • A clean low end that balances the overall tone and avoids "muddiness"

The Taylor Dreadnought truly produces a balanced tonal spectrum. Its shape is also linked to music rooted in bluegrass and folk — partly due to its ability to provide such traditional sounds. Players who enjoy strumming with a more aggressive approach will fall in love with Dreadnought's blend of articulation and power, which enables crisp and clear leadlines and solid rhythms.

Reap the Benefits at Bananas at Large — Buy A Taylor Dreadnought Near You

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, visit one of our two stores. By visiting us in person, you'll:

  • Get a feel for your new instrument: When you come to our store, you'll get to play and test out any of our guitars — including the Taylor Dreadnought collection. While not all stores do this, we feel it's one of the most vital parts of every musical journey.
  • Receive expert advice from real musicians: During your visit, you may score the chance to connect with other musicians. If you can't make it in, you can also call or email us anytime!
  • Browse a highly curated selection: We take care in selecting the instruments we sell. Our collection of Taylor Dreadnought acoustic guitars is designed to ensure a fit for everyone.

What to Expect When You Buy a Taylor Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar from Bananas

In addition to providing expert advice and answering your questions, we also have fantastic payment plans. If you're thinking about financing your guitar, we offer that too. For new products, we follow a 14-day exchange/return policy, so you'll have options if you change your mind about your purchase. It's important to us that you find just the right match.

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