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Fat Jimmy Amplifiers are quickly becoming a staple in the professional music industry. Their deep roots in the legendary San Francisco Bay Area music scene are now spreading across the United States and other parts of the world! Fat Jimmy Amplifiers are designed to allow the seasoned musician to truly express their own music, their own style, and their own personality. Every guitar and every player have their own unique voice, their own unique sound. Fat Jimmy Amplifiers let that voice shine through.

Taking the evolution of vintage circuits to the next level.

Every single part of an amplifier circuit contributes to its sound.  From the obvious components like the signal passing capacitors and resistors, to the not-so-obvious: transformers, solder composition, physical layout, etc.  Everything makes a difference.  And everything they use has been carefully considered and selected in the construction of your Fat Jimmy Amplifier.

Fat Jimmy Amplifiers are hand made to exacting standards, one at a time, with a tremendous amount of attention paid to detail.  They use a hand-picked selection of vintage, NOS, and modern components in each and every Fat Jimmy Amplifier. Each component is specifically selected for its sound, performance, and function at its specific location in the circuit.

Every Fat Jimmy Amplifier they build is a work of art in and of itself, a sonic and visual masterpiece inside & out, to be appreciated in all regards by discerning musicians for generations to come.

Bob Weir’s Custom Rigs

Fat Jimmy Amplifiers is honored to have been collaborating with Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir, designing and building his custom amplifiers since 2016.