Fender Acoustic Guitars

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Whether you're sitting around the campfire or recording in the studio, Fender acoustic guitars deliver playability and tone you'll love at an affordable price. True to the company's reputation as the world's premier electric guitar manufacturer, Fender acoustics offer something for everyone — exceptional quality and value in their entry-level models and professional-grade tone at the higher-end. Whatever you're looking for, shop the Bananas at Large® online store for a great selection and world-class customer support.

Choosing an Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar is the first instrument for many musicians. Whether you're shopping for yourself or your child, choosing a quality instrument will make playing more fun and learning more enjoyable. That doesn't mean you have to break the bank on an expensive boutique guitar, but it does mean you should do some research before making a purchase. Some things to consider and look for include:

  • Size: Fender acoustic guitars come in a range of sizes. The classic dreadnaught shape is the most common, while cutaway models offer access to the higher frets, and 1/2 and 3/4 size instruments have a smaller form factor that's great for shorter fingers. When it comes to acoustic guitars, there's no rule that bigger is better — choose something that feels comfortable and sounds good to you.
  • Construction: Often, the difference between higher-end and entry-level guitars is in the construction. Solid wood tops and sides offer the most resonant sound.Some entry-level guitars use all laminate woods, while some have a solid wood top and laminate sides.
  • Tonewood: There's more to guitar construction than just solid vs. laminate. Wood type matters too. Spruce is an enduring choice and an excellent all-around performer with good tonal clarity at all volumes. Mahogony and rosewood are also popular choices on more expensive models.
  • Electronics: A well-made acoustic guitar will sound clear and loud unamplified. However, if you're ever planning on playing with others, a built-in pickup is a worthy upgrade that will help you cut through the band. Many models feature onboard EQ and effects, or a tuner, for added convenience.

Fender Newporter Acoustic Guitars

If you're looking for a versatile entry-to-mid-level acoustic guitar, you should know that the Fender Newporter is one of our most popular models. Its cutaway construction is the perfect size for almost all players. It features a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany sides, and an innovative bracing system that reduces mass while delivering superior resonance. Throughout, you'll find premium features that belie its price point, like a Graph Tech® NuBone® nut and saddle and an onboard Fishman® preamp. Follow the links on this page for detailed specifications.

The Newporter is just one of the many Fender acoustic guitars available for sale from Bananas, but it's one we recommend highly to newer and intermediate players. Try it for yourself by visiting one of our two locations in Santa Rosa or San Rafael. If you're in the Bay Area, there's no better place to buy a Fender acoustic near you than Bananas!