Fender Bass Amplifiers

Fender bass amplifiers: Become a part of a legacy that's lasted more than 60 years. Shop the entire collection of bass heads, cabinets and combo amps. No matter which type of bass amp you're looking for, you're sure to love whichever Fender model you take home.

Combo Bass Amplifiers

Unlike the head and cabinet amp setup, with a combo amplifier, you'll get everything you need all in one piece of equipment.

A combo amp is more convenient, but it can have a little less power and volume than a head and cabinet setup. However, unless you're playing in big venues or you play rock or metal and need a lot more power, a combo amp will do the work. You'll probably save a little money when going for a combo, too. Instead of having to buy two pieces of equipment, you only need one.

While head and cabinet setups are better suited for some genres, combo amps work great for whatever you're playing. It's also a fine amp for performing — if you're playing in bars and small clubs, you'll be heard just fine.

Fender makes combo amps to fit into any budget. Whether you're in a place to spend more or are trying to save, you'll get a great piece of equipment when you go with a Fender combo amplifier.

Rumble Bass Amplifiers

Light, loud and loaded with presets, Rumble bass amplifiers deliver legendary Fender tone in an ultra-portable package. Now, with the new Studio 40 and Stage 800 digital amps joining the series, there are endless possibilities for players who want to break out of the norm.

The two new Rumble models offer two different sizes of sound, depending on the venue. The Rumble Studio 40 is ideal for recording enthusiasts, home players and beginners alike, with its light weight and portability. What's more, with 40 watts of power, it fits right in with smaller gigs. The Rumble Stage 800 is at home on any sized stage, as it's Fender's current strongest high-end bass combo.

Adding to their portability are the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection and access to the Fender Tone app, which features different amplifier models and presets that closely recreate famous tones throughout the ages.

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